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I'm not alone, no I'm just on my own.

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Star-Crossed Ch. 13

Author: Me 
Pairing: Leah/Bella 
Rating: PG-13 (this chapter) 
Warnings: None
Summary: After the death of her father, Leah couldn't figure out how anything could get worse, but it does. It seems that just when she's starting to understanding who she is, an event turns her whole life upside down.  Nothing, she believes, is ever going to go her way. Her free will is seemingly taken, but when someone unexpected offers her a choice, she is uncertain of which option to pick. Her life or her freedom?

Leah woke up well into the afternoon and on habit turned to look at Bella. It became a morning ritual on the days when she slept over Bella's. The nights she didn't, she always felt odd waking up to an empty bed. She smiled at the sight of her imprint sleeping next to her. She leaned closer to the pale brunette, but the movement pained a little, and kissed her on the forehead. She then set her head back down and looked up at the ceiling. The room looked different when it was lit up my sunlight. Leah wondered what the time must be. She wondered if the Cullens were still having the training. She wondered what the pack was doing. Leah glanced at Bella again and wiggled her arm in an attempt to wake Bella, but her imprint just held it tighter.

"Wake up, sleeping beauty," she whispered roughly and pushed back a strand of hair, revealing Bella's furrowed eyebrows, which was the face she made when she was asleep and dreaming.

Leah caught sight of the back of her hand, which had one scar running down to her elbow. She frowned, remembering the pain she was in. It was excruciating pain, and she didn't think she would survive the night. Bella grunted in her sleep, catching the wolf's attention. I wouldn't have survived without her. Leah chuckled. She was sure her imprint was dreaming now. Sometimes, when the older brunette couldn't sleep, she'd catch Bella mumbling in her sleep. She always wondered what occurred in Bella's dreams. Leah had been having dreams as well. They always revolved around her imprint. Some were not completely innocent.

"Bella," her voice croaked, still weak, "Come on, wake up."

"Maybe she needs a kiss to wake up. She's a romantic like that."

Leah quickly picked up her head upon hearing the voice. The movement was too quick and her neck started to ache. She noticed Rosalie at the doorway. The vampire was leaning on the doorframe with her arms crossed.

"She's just tired." Leah responded softly.

The vampire walked further inside, but as she neared, her steps became hesitant, as well at her glance at the wolf. She wondered if the wolf was angry at her for everything that happened. Rose wondered if their friendship was ruined because of the fact that she never helped Leah.  This was the first friendship she had in a while. She didn't want to lose it.

"How are you feeling?" Rose whispered, looking down by the foot of the bed.

"Better than yesterday." Leah responded, waiting for the vampire to say what was on her mind.

Rosalie looked up, but her eyes didn't meet the brunette. She chewed on her lip, then shifted her glance to the side, staring at nothing.

"I'm sorry." She spoke so softly that human ears wouldn't be able to pick it up.

"For what?"

The vampire shrugged, expelling a sigh as she dropped her shoulder.

"I don't know. For everything? I should have stood up for you or something."

"Rose," the vampire looked down. "Rosie," Leah teased and the vampire looked up, meeting the wolf's playful eye. "I didn't want you to get involved. It was between me and Jacob. No one else." Her voice strained, she could only speak for so long.

Rosalie shook her head and stepped closer to the brunette, finally approaching her bedside. Her honey eyes glistened with empty tears.

"I don't think I've ever been so worried about another person's life, well after Emmett."

Leah smiled at the vampire, who turned away. Rosalie wasn't one for mushy moments. She punched the brunette and grinned.

"Good thing you're alive, though. I wouldn't have anyone to annoy anymore."

The wolf moved away from the vampire. The blow didn't hurt that much, but it still hurt. Her only visible eyebrow furrowed and her busted
lips pouted.

"We're okay, right?" Rosalie asked, seeing the wolf's face.

"As in our friendship?"

The vampire nodded.

"Yes. Of course."

Rosalie gave a small smile and the wolf set her head back down. She was definately feeling better than the day before, but she still felt rather sore and raw. She turned to the blond and was about to speak, but she then heard the brunette beside her start to move.

"Sleeping beauty woke up," Rosalie mumbled disdainfully.

Bella groaned softly, still holding onto the wolf's arm. Leah turned to the brunette, smiling and Rose smiled as well. How can seeing someone in love not make anyone smile? It was beautiful. The blond just hoped Bella wouldn't hurt her. Leah shushed the awakening brunette while brushing her hair out of her face.

"Do I have to wake up?" Bella mumbled groggily.

"Yes." Leah whispered.

"No," Bella responded, smiling with her eyes closed. "I want to stay in bed forever."

"With me," Leah asked vulnerably.

The brunette opened her eyes and looked up into the hazel one staring down at her her. She was about to answer, but saw Rosalie and jumped back in fright and fell off the bed. The vampire howled in laughter at the sight. Leah turned and scowled at the blond. She
would help Bella, but she couldn't move all that much.The pale brunette immediately stood up and smoothed her hair down and adjusted her clothing. She glanced at Rosalie than Leah. 

"I'm going to go brush my teeth, than make something to eat. Are you hungry, Leah?"

The wolf shook her head.

"You have to eat, Lee," Rosalie muttered.

Bella simply nodded and walked out of the room. Leah sat up and turned to Rosalie.

"Why don't you treat her nicely?"

"What are you talking about? I'm always nice to Bella."

The wolf raised her eyebrow and continued to stare at the vampire. She wanted the two to get along.

"You know, you just look surprised when you make that face. It means nothing to me."

The brunette chuckled and looked away. 

Leah ultimately followed Bella downstairs, but with the help of Rosalie. The vampire made sure to address the wounds before allowing Leah to leave. After she was sure the brunette was safe to go downstairs, the vampire practically carried Leah all the way to the couch. She turned on the television to some channel that the wolf didn't care about and then proceeded to make her way back upstairs, leaving the two alone. The tall brunette shifted in her seat, finding her clothing uncomfortable. Rosalie gave Leah some of Jasper's clothes, just a t-shirt and shorts. The clothing didn't reek of him, but she still found it weird to wear his attire.

Bella soon appeared with a bowl of chicken soup. Leah watched the screen silently, hoping that the soup was for the pale brunette. Bella scooped a spoonful of soup and blew at it softly before moving it toward Leah's mouth. The female wolf backed her head away, not wanting to eat. Bella eventually sighed and placed the spoon back into the bowl.

"You have to eat."

The older brunette shook her head and continued staring blankly at the television. Bella whined and laid her head on Leah's shoulder as she looked up at the wolf with sad eyes.

"Please? Do it for me."

Leah sighed, signaling that she was giving into Bella's wants. If eating made her imprint happy, she had to do it. Pouting, the older brunette crossed her arms and laid back on the sofa as Bella started to blow on another spoonful of soup again. Slowly, the spoon made its way to the wolf's mouth. Her lips pursed as it neared, but she eventually opened her mouth and allowed the spoon access. The pale brunette grinned, obviously pleased with herself, and continued to feed the wolf.

When she had finished the soup, Bella handed her a glass of water. Leah gulped the water quickly, causing the drink to trickle from her lips down to her collarbone. The pale brunette chuckled as she quickly went to grab a paper towel to clean up the spill.

"Do you feel better?" Bella whispered, wiping the wolf's neck.

She made out some scars and made sure not to touch them. They were small and thin, but Bella wondered if the wolf's throat would stay scarred or if they would heal. They were still red, Bella presumed they were still raw. Leah sighed and turned her hazel eye to the girl in front of her. She gave the pale brunette a small smile and reached to stroke her arm.

"I'm feeling better than yesterday, that's for sure."

Bella smiled at the wolf's statement. Leah's smile grew wider and she poked the younger brunette in the ribs.

"All thanks to you," she whispered, her face nearing Bella's.

Bella had lowered her head, blushing. Her brown eyes glanced up to find the female wolf closer than before. The corner of Bella's mouth twitched as she saw the smirk on the face in front of her. Leah's eye dropped to her lips and Bella noticed. It was odd looking at only one of Leah's eyes, but if her neck was in pretty bad condition, she didn't want to see her eye. Bella's eyes looked down to Leah's lips, which was busted at the corner. She wondered if it would hurt to touch Leah's lower lip. She gulped as they seemed to move closer to each other. Each girl was aware, but neither one was stopping, or trying to stop. The pale brunette knew she shouldn't kiss Leah - actually, she didn't know where that idea came from, because at that moment her mind only revolved on one thing, Leah's lips. Edward's lips were cold and hard. Jacob's were warm, but rough. Leah's....Bella wondered how Leah's felt. Surely, a girl's lips felt different than a guy's lips.

"Hey, guys -"

Rosalie stepped in, and Bella jumped back, noticeably flustered and grabbed the bowl and glass, then headed to the kitchen. The blond looked at the pale brunette until she disappeared from sight then turned to Leah. She grinned at the back of the wolf's head.

"Were you guys smooching?" Rosalie whispered as she leaned over the couch.

Leah moved away from the vampire and narrowed her eyes at her.

"Of course not."

The blond jumped onto the couch to sit near the wolf.

"Shit, did I interrupt?"

"You didn't interrupt anything." Leah mumbled, crossing her arms.

Rosalie's eyes scanned the wolf's face, which had a frown on it. The vampire knew she had interrupted something and felt bad that she had done so. With a lowered head, she apologized.

"It's fine, Rose. It's better that I didn't do anything. I'm already in hot water with my pack. If I get your family angry with me, I'll have nowhere to go."

"My family wouldn't get mad if you kissed Bella. Edward might, but the rest of us wouldn't really mind. I wouldn't."

Leah sighed and turned down to her lap. She remembered her talks with Victoria and suddenly felt guilty. Here the Cullens were, treating her with kindness, all while Leah had been talking to their enemy. She knew Victoria wanted to hurt them, but Leah couldn't let that happen. Starting the moment the wolf can walk again, she would have to march to the woods, find Victoria and convince her to call off the attack. The vampire could be reasonable. Leah didn't want the Cullens to find out about their partnership. They wouldn't forgive her. Bella wouldn't either. They'd consider her a traitor. She had to remove herself from Victoria and she had to do it soon. Before they found out.

Bella slowly returned, glancing at Rosalie then Leah. Her anxiety was apparent in the way that she tugged on the hem of her shirt and chewed her lower lip. Leah looked up and gave her a small smile to entice the pale brunette to sit down. Bella listened and placed herself on the opposite end of the female wolf.

"Hey, you know I don't bite, right?" Rosalie told Bella.

"Well, given how you've treated me in the past, forgive me for not warming up to you so quickly."

Rosalie rolled her eyes.

"Please, I treat you like I treat everyone else. You've just been more sensitive."

The vampire stood up after noticing Leah's glare.

"However, I promise to tolerate you more than I did before."

"Thank you?"

Rosalie nodded, dropping her eyes from the pale brunette and turning them toward's Leah.

"Emmett texted me that everything went fine. No one brought anything up and the wolves acted like everything was normal. Jacob even showed."

Leah nodded, but didn't find any comfort in the vampire's words. The pack didn't even care how she was doing. They didn't even ask if she was alive. She wondered how Seth must be feeling. One of his friends almost killed his sister. How was her mom taking everything? Leah didn't realized she was crying until her gauze-covered eye started to tingle and Bella took her hand. The back of her tan hand rubbed the tear away and Rosalie frowned.

"I'm sorry, Leah. I - I didn't -"

"It's fine, Rose."

The wolf offered a smile to show the vampire that she was okay. Rosalie tried to make Leah feel better. It failed, but that wasn't the blond's fault. Before anything could be said, the front door opened and in rushed Emmett, instantly picking up Rosalie and giving her a kiss. He turned to the couch, grinning, but it faded when he saw the wolf.

"The wolf's still here?" He asked no one in particular.

Another Cullen entered the living room. Leah hoped it'd be Carlisle, but it was Alice, who seemed cheery as well until catching sight of Leah. Nice to know I'm well-liked here. Bella, as if reading the wolf's thoughts, gave a small squeeze to Leah's hand. Alice set her jacket down and tilted her head at the sight of the tan brunette.

"Are those Jasper's clothes?"

"Yeah, he said it was okay." Rosalie answered.

Alice slowly glanced up at the blond. She clearly wasn't happy at the fact that Leah was wearing her husband's clothes. Rosalie narrowed her eyes at her sister, warning her to keep her mouth shut if she wasn't going to say anything nice. Usually Alice was the more pleasant one, but apparently she really disliked wolves. 

Esme and Edward soon entered with Jasper and Carlisle close behind. Leah squeezed Bella's hand, feeling uncomfortable as the room packed with vampires. It was purely instinctual to feel threatened by the vampires since she was weak at the moment. Edward noticed the hand hold, but his face remained expressionless. Carlisle headed toward Leah and leaned over to examine the wolf. She relaxed at his warm smile, finding him harmless.

"How are you feeling," he asked, lifting her chin while wearing gloves.

Leah's body was hotter than usual since it was fighting to keep up her immune system and heal as well. If he were to touch her without the gloves, it would cause him pain.

"Better," Leah mumbled.

Carlisle nodded and moved to her eye. He slowly peeled back the gauze and saw her eyelid was still split and covered her eye again. His eyes scanned her arms and he noticed she was healing quite well. Her leg still required to be wrapped, he presumed due to the fact that it was her most serious injury apart from her eye and throat. He found it odd that her neck healed quicker that her eye and leg however. Carlisle still believed that his hypothesis was correct.

"You seemed to have healed better than I anticipated. Which is a good thing."

Leah nodded as he backed away, but still kept his eyes on her. She dropped her glance to the floor, feeling incredibly self-conscious with everyone's gaze. Her hand let go of Bella's, but the pale brunette only held on tighter.

"I thought you said she was healing slower than usual," Edward spoke up.

Rosalie took a seat next to Leah and Emmett sat on the arm of the couch. Carlisle turned to his son.

"Yes, but then I took a guess that Bella's presence or touch might make Leah heal faster and I was correct. Leah didn't heal completely, but she certainly healed at the rate I believe a wolf like her would," He glance at tan brunette and smiled.

"Are you sure it was Bella and not the fact that her wolf healing properties caught up to her as she slept?" Edward questioned as he sat on a love seat to the left of the couch.

"Yes, that's a possibility, but I think it was the fact that these two have a bond that is most powerful when they are together than apart." Carlisle turned to face the whole group. "You see, from what I can gather of the event known as "imprinting" is, that while it bears similarity to the imprinting that happens in the animal kingdom, it also has great differences. One, the imprint isn't a mother-child bond, it is a soulmate to soulmate bond -"

"Leah and Bella aren't meant to be together." Alice spoke up.

"On the contrary, they are, Alice. Now, it is unclear whether they will spend their lives in a platonic or ...romantic relationship, but they are meant to be together. I compare this version of imprinting to anastomosis, which is basically, the re-connection of two streams that were previously apart. However, that is more in association with blood vessels, but it all works the same. They were two streams of being that were once branched out and have recently come back together, leading to the improvement of the two of them. Leah heals quicker when  Bella is near and I'm sure Bella has seen something positive happen when Leah is near as well, right?"

All the attention turned to the pale brunette. Her eyes widened and she blushed as she dropped her head and nodded. Alice and Edward frowned at her response.

"I can't believe you called them soulmates, Carlisle." Alice muttered. "How do you think that makes Edward feel?"

Jasper glanced at his brother. He hadn't noticed any negative feelings coming from Edward, but that probably had to do with the fact that he was focused primarily on the pair in front of him, Bella and Leah. 

"Well, a soulmate has different connotations, Alice. Yours is obviously that soulmate is synonymous with lover. Soulmates don't have to be in a romantic relationship. A soulmate can mean friend. It is essentially one soul living in two bodies and I honestly believe that is the case with Leah and Bella. Not in the literal sense, but in the sense that these two complete each other. They are each other's half, which can make for a beautiful friendship as well as marriage, but it doesn't have to be that way. It is a life long bond, but it does not have to be a romantic one, loving yes, but not necessarily romantic."

"No offense to you, Bells, but what kind of teenage girl isn't going to give up the chance to be with her soulmate?" Emmett asked.

"Bella will always be with Leah. As Leah will be with Bella."

"No, I mean as be with the soulmate in a romantic way. You know like those rom-com movies Rosalie loves so much.

"Hey!" The blond hissed.

Leah snorted as well as Carlisle and Jasper. Rosalie slapped Emmett in the arm and crossed her arms, only staying in the room to make sure no one bad talked the wolf.

"As for your question, Emmett, I think it's been established that Bella isn't your ordinary teenage girl." Carlisle responded.

Emmett nodded and glanced at Bella. She could feel that all eyes were on her, silently asking her to make her choose between Edward and Leah. She couldn't. She loved Edward and she loved Leah. She glanced up to meet Edward's amber eyes and he gave her a sad smile. He was understanding. Bella knew he wanted to work things out and he was willing to do anything. He wanted to marry her. He wanted to be with her. While it was true that Leah wanted to be with Bella as well, the brunette knew that given the chance, Leah would un-imprint on her. The things Leah felt weren't willingly, but Edward's were. How could Bella deny him a chance? She gave him a small smile in response and his smile widened.

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*throws fit*

THEY WERE SOOOO CLOSE!! I'm sorry, I love Rosalie and everything, but URGH SHE RUINED IT!

I'm so nervous/scared/excited about the whole Victoria/Leah situation. Your building the suspense quite nicely. So naturally I hate it ;]

ALSO! YOU UPDATED!!! I've been checking, checking, and re-checking my inbox for like EVER for this update! Just when I had given up hope... BAM! You update! I'm supposed to be going to sleep because I have classes all day tomorrow {not college} but I shall suffer gladly :D This was an awful {aka great; I'm just being a brat. I loved it, but I hated the ending. It came to soon and not how I wanted.} update.

Can Edward die? And Alice? Or at least can they suffer? Am I a bad person for wanting them to suffer? Haha.

I'm dying to know how this story ends! This chapter just increased the need like... tenfold! I'm going crazy at all the hints/possibilities you presented tonight!

Like is Edward gonna be a prissy idiot and get in the way of Leah/Bella? Is Alice gonna secretly sabotage them? Will Jacob/Sam choke on a chicken bone at dinner? Or will they live to torment Leah another day? What will Rose do during all of it? How will Victoria come back? And will Bella finally give Leah her happy ending??

So yeah. Long comment is long. I just have a lot of feelings okay?? :]


lol lol lol. I know. I was thinking of making them kiss, but then I was like NO! I've already got them in and I can drag it on for a little bit more. I want you to be like FINALLY! and celebrate and everything. Like when your otp become canon type of thing (idk how that feels like tho ): I'm sorry for taking so long. I can blame college, but it mostly has to do with me being a lazy bum. I used to ship Alice and Bella, so maybe it's just a little jealousy Alice has :P and that her and Edward are close (or so I've read on wiki). The story isn't even close to ending, woman! We've got a long way to go. Let all your feelings out. You've waiting long enough.

I love this story! I check all the time to see if you have updated.

I stayed up WAYYYYY past my "bedtime" reading this entire fic... Yeah... I am seriously digging it. Your writing is amazing, so much better than the crap I read on FF(dot)net. I am so following you now... Frak I can't believe I read it all in one sitting... And I have to be at work in 6 hours... Oye...

aw thanks! I don't like ff because it's too confusing for me. I rather just type it up and post like here on lj. aw. I hope you got to work okay!

Man, I went to work thinking about your story and cracking up everytime I thought about the scene of Eddie trying to read Rose's mind and her thinking violent thoughts then of Emmet naked, I totally pictured Eddie cringing like Mr. Burns, lol. And again, you have some talent boiling there, the writing and dialogue is very believable, and usually I'll find SOME continuity issue (I'm an asshole like that) but I don't think I noticed a single one in yours. Brava for that. ;)

hahaha. thanks. Awww that means a lot. I'm afraid I might have continuity issues. I know I have spelling mistakes, but that's just me overlooking the errors and being too lazy to fix it haha.

Oh sweetie, no worries on the spelling, WE ALL have that issue, besides you have great grammar which makes up for any little spelling errors you had (which I didn't notice any by the way) because if it's one thing I cannot STAND in fan fiction is bad grammar. I honestly don't think I noticed any continuity mistakes, maybe I was too engrossed in the story and your amazing grammar to notice or maybe it was minimal, who knows. :) Regardless... Again, as if I couldn't kiss ass anymore, you've got good skills.

haha, aww thank you so much. You're so nice :D

Fantastic story I had to read it all in one go.

Hoping Leah doesn't get bit, she needs to tell someone about Vicky,
the pack, well that pack of bastards, deserve to be wiped out.

Since Sam basically let Jacob attack a pack member because his alphaness
told him a wolf's imprint wasn't really her imprint, hopefully Leah leaves the pack
for good.

Edward just needs to come out of the closet, really.

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