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I'm not alone, no I'm just on my own.

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Star-Crossed Ch. 11
Author: Me 
Pairing: Leah/Bella 
Rating: PG-13 (this chapter) 
Warnings: None
Summary: After the death of her father, Leah couldn't figure out how anything could get worse, but it does. It seems that just when she's starting to understanding who she is, an event turns her whole life upside down.  Nothing, she believes, is ever going to go her way. Her free will is seemingly taken, but when someone unexpected offers her a choice, she is uncertain of which option to pick. Her life or her freedom?

Bella wasn't expecting Leah to be with the other wolves when they arrived for the training. She doubted the female wolf would even want to be there after what Sam did. Bella considered having a chat with Sam if she ever found herself alone with him. He wasn't treating Leah very fairly. She was sure he would have a problem if anyone ever told him he couldn't see Emily ever again. It didn't matter why he did it, though Bella was sure she knew his reason; how could anyone ever order someone to stop seeing the person he or she loves?

The pale brunette sighed as she caught sight of the wolves. Edward stepped away from her and moved near Carlisle, preparing to speak for them. Bella made out Jacob, who was staring at her as well. She gave him a saddened smile, but then she saw another wolf appear from behind. It was Leah, she was sure of it. The lean body, the longer than usual fur, the beautiful shade of grey, all telling signs that it was Leah. If the wolf was any closer, Bella was positive she could make out the hazel eyes.

They managed to catch each other's sight and Bella's smile widened and her eyes lit up. Leah stood still, but her tail wagged slowly.
They both stepped forward at the same time, but Sam cut off Leah with a growl and Alice linked arms with Bella and pulled her away from the wolves.

Jasper had been watching, attracted to the two girls interaction due to the emotions they were emitting. He glanced at Rosalie, who was looking at Leah, confused as much as he was. His blonde sibling, after much pushing, filled him in on what was going on with Bella and Leah, and surprisingly, Jasper didn't mind. He enjoyed the feelings they had when they were near each other. He had never felt emotions so pure. It was impossible to hate a love you could actually feel.


The vampire woke up from his thoughts and walked over to face the wolves. Rosalie stared at Leah, who stared down at the floor, looking like the saddest puppy ever. The blonde may have been a cold monster, but she would be lying if she said the sad puppy look didn't get to her. She turned to Bella, who had her head down as well. Did something happen between them? Rosalie didn't like this. She didn't want to see Leah hurting. And, she had to admit seeing Bella sad wasn't something she enjoyed watching either. However, she blamed Bella for something being wrong. She was probably wrong, but it was better for her to blame Bella.

The younger brunette lifted her eyes to see the grey wolf was looking at her again with saddened eyes. She just wanted to hold Leah and tell her that it would be okay. She didn't deserve what was happening. She never asked for any of the things that she got. And, Bella honestly believed Sam was being unreasonable. Alice suddenly let go of Bella and she looked over to see the tiny vampire start to go over some routine with Jasper.

"Bella!" Rosalie hissed.

She turned around, afraid of that tone coming from Rosalie who was waving her over. Hesitantly, Bella walked over to the blonde, who had her hands on her hips and was glaring at the human in front of her.

"What's up between you two?"

The pale brunette glanced over at Leah who stared over at the other two vampires fighting and looked back at Rosalie.

"Sam knows," she whispered.

"What does that mean?"

"Leah was ordered by her alpha not to be near me."

"That's bullshit!" The vampire yelled, causing attention to turn to the two girls who had stepped away from the crowd.

Rosalie looked over to them, and chuckled uneasily, giving Bella a pat on the shoulder. She whispered something too quickly and softly to hear in Bella's ear and the brunette turned to look puzzled at the vampire as she walked over to the group. What did she say? Bell chose to ignore it and instead drifted closer to the wolves' side and Leah subtly moved that way as well. They were about 15 feet away and getting closer, but she heard Rosalie call out Leah's name.

"Get over here, she-wolf. You and me are going to dance."
The female wolf pranced over to the blond vampire, who had a devilish smirk across her face. Leah didn't know what to make of this. She knew everyone was informed of their little friendship, but she didn't want to even pretend fight with the vampire. She had never fought anyone in wolf form. Still, she braced herself for the attack. However, she made out a soft hiss from Rosalie.

"Stay down."

Immediately, the vampire pulled the wolf to the floor, and Leah could hear the barks from the pack, but she had listened to Rose. Bella tried to watch behind everyone, not 100% sure that Rosalie wouldn't hurt Leah. However, as soon as it started, it ended with Rosalie letting Leah go. The wolf shook herself and walked back to the pack with the vampire grinning. Leah turned to Bella and the brunette started to walk over to her, watchful of Sam, who was not far away. The female wolf nudged with her head for Bella to follow her in the direction she was going. Bella glanced at Rosalie who appeared to be taunting the wolves and creating attention on her. Eagerly, the pale brunette ran over to Leah, who had lowered herself, and jumped onto her back. Seth turned around to catch Leah's eyes and the female wolf froze. His eyes smiled at his sister and she lowered her head and walked away. For some reason, Seth didn't think Leah saw Bella only as a friend.

When they were a reasonable distance away, Bella slid off of Leah's back and faced the wolf. Hazel eyes hesitantly met brown. Lifting, a pale hand, she softly ran her palm against the soft fur by Leah's cheeks. The wolf leaned into the touch, letting out a long exhale as she shut her eyes.

"I'm sorry."

She opened her eyes and stared intently at Bella as she backed away. The shorter brunette was confused that she had said something wrong, but she saw that Leah was shifting back. Bella didn't know if she was allowed to look or not, so she kept her eyes on the ground. She looked back up when she felt a warm and tender hand on her cheek, as it lifted her head to meet Leah's view.

"Don't apologize. None of this is your fault."

"It's not your fault either! You didn't choose for this to happen!"

"That doesn't matter," Leah dropped her glance. "I shouldn't have tried to pursue anything with you. I should have ignored it."

"Don't say that. You wouldn't be happy."

"But you would. You wouldn't know about any of this."

"What makes you think that would make me happy?"

"Ignorance is bliss," Leah sighed.

She looked back up to meet Bella's saddened eyes, which matched her own. She didn't know how it was possible for her to disobey her alpha's order like this, but all she knew was that she couldn't stay away. She wouldn't stay away.

"I don't think I could ever be able to stay away from you." The female wolf whispered.

Bella blushed and turned away, smiling.

"So, it's true!" Edward's voice boomed in the woods and Bella immediately stood in front of Leah as she shifted back to a wolf.

Seconds later, everyone had caught up and Leah looked at them all, thinking how it could easily be them vs. Bella and her. She took a nervous step back and Bella was right there next to her, instantly.

"How did you find out?" Bella whispered, but knew Edward had heard her.

"Take your pick!" Edward threw his hands up. "Sam, Seth? Rosalie, Jasper?"

Both girls turned to Rosalie who was shaking her head.

"Didn't it ever occur to you to tell me the truth?"

Bella glanced at the eyes on her, but instead of feeling small, she knew Leah was behind her and wouldn't be ashamed if Bella wasn't.

"To be honest, Edward, it was none of your business. Or any of yours' for that matter," she directed to the crowd.

"None of my business? She imprinted on you! You're my girlfriend!"

Bella remained silent. What could she say? Maybe she should have told him.

"She wasn't going to act on it," The pale brunette responded meekly.

Her hand reached for the wolf and touched the bridge of her snout. They would support each other. No matter what.

"Is that supposed to make me feel better? You don't understand do you, Bella?"

The pale brunette had never seen Edward look so annoyed and frustrated. However, she was glad she saw this side to him. She didn't want to give into his anger. He wanted to make her apologize or feel guilty, but she didn't. She did nothing wrong.

"I understand perfectly well, Edward."

"No, you don't." He took a step forward, along with Leah. "She will always be tagging along everywhere we go, isn't that true?"

The vampire turned to the wolves. It was clear that he was communicating to Sam. He turned back to Bella.

"Like a child to its mother, you two are inseparable. Don't you see the difficulty that would bring into your life?"

Bella had never thought of it that way. She knew they couldn't be apart, but so far they hadn't really. She never thought of times where they would have to be apart, such as when she was turned or hunting. What if Bella wanted to travel somewhere Lea didn't want to go? She would never force the wolf to do something she didn't want to. Could Bella live a vampire life with Leah imprinted on her? Is it even my life anymore?


It's ours.

"It's ours," she mumbled in realization.

"What?" Edward said even though he heard the words clearly.

"It's not my life anymore. It's our life. Mine and Leah's." The brunette smiled at her words.

"And you're okay with that? Giving up your life just like that?"

Bella let out a huff of air in disbelief. Edward wanted Bella to marry him for her to be turned. Didn't that count as giving up her life as well? He was being such a hypocrite. Leah was only half listening to the words being exchanged. Jacob was staring daggers at her and made his way up to the front of the pack. It was clear that the male wolf was angry. He scratched at the dirt and raised his lips to show his incisors. Leah didn't want to fight. Bella wouldn't want them too.

"I should have known something was up when I couldn't read her mind! You have some mental shield over her. Not even her pack can communicate with her when you're around."

Leah brushed her snout with Bella, feeling guilty because she couldn't stand up for her imprint. Edward seemed angry at the fact. The wolf thought he would be more understanding, what with his years of maturity. She glanced at Jacob and, if possible, he looked even angrier. The female wolf flattened her ears against her and lowered her body, signaling that she didn't want to fight him, but that only made him seem angrier.

"You coward!" Edward spat.

Leah turned to him. He seemed confused by his outburst as well. With the overflow of thoughts and his unstable mood, he probably couldn't control his ability very well; he had channeled Jake's thoughts. The female wolf looked over to Jacob. His snarl cut through the forest and before he pounded toward Leah, she butted the pale brunette into Edward's arms and stood her ground for the male wolf to come to her. She crouched and her grey fur bristled.

Bella turned around and attempted to break out of Edward's grip but he wouldn't let her.

"Jacob! No! Stop!" She yelled, but he still charged forward and the two wolves circled each other, growling, but neither making a move.

Bella struggled to break free, but Edward wasn't having it. He didn't want the wolves to hurt her. Leah didn't want do this, but she was sure that Jacob wouldn't go too far. He was just angry and he had every right to be. She didn't think it would turn into anything bloody. He would just want to pin Leah to the ground and that's that. Right? Their mental connection was broken due to Bella being near, and Leah wished it wasn't.  She could have talked some sense into Jake or at least known what his intentions were. Her imprint's screams distracted her and it was then that Jacob took the leap.

If it were any normal wolf fight, the more dominant wolf would just hold the less superior wolf's neck for a moment or grab the top of the snout and squeeze it, which Leah was all the more eager to do. She didn't want to fight. If she really fought Jacob, Bella would never forgive the victor. As much as Jacob annoyed her, Leah couldn't do that to him. However, he took the leap and bit down on Leah's back. He wasn't looking for a dominance fight. He wanted to kill her.

"Jake!" Bella screamed as she heard Leah's whine.

Leah was no longer trying to remain submissive and passive, she was fighting for her life. Her paw whacked Jacob, but he turned around with more ferocity and bit down on her leg. Bella couldn't just watch, she turned to Rosalie, who had a horrified expression on her face.

"Help her, Rose," the brunette cried.

The blond shook her head.

"We can't get into this, Bella." Edward muttered above her.

The two wolves rolled around on the ground and Leah desperately wanted to push Jacob off of her, but he was using his weight as an advantage. Leah was quicker, but it was difficult to maneuver under a strong body. He snapped his jaw at her and she did the same as he held her on the ground. Her legs kicked up at him, but his weight was crushing her.

"Someone do something! Sam, Paul! Call him off! Seth!"

The youngest Clearwater bolted forward, but with a growl from his alpha he immediately retreated. He didn't like seeing his sister so defenseless. Leah was practically fighting an alpha. He didn't think the fight was fair.

He's going to kill her!

No. He won't, Sam assured the young boy.

"Jake, stop! Just leave her alone!" Bella yelled at the male wolf, but he was too far gone.

She slapped at her marble prison, but it didn't affect his tight hold on her. Her kicks and blows hurt her more than it did Edward.

"Bella, stop. You're acting like a child. I don't want to hurt you."

Leah managed to get Jacob off from her, but when she stood and they circled each other again, she had a very apparent limp. Blood had already tarnished her light grey coat. When she curled her lips back, her teeth where stained red and her tongue darted out nervously. Tears started to run down Bella's cheeks. She was hurting. Her body posture was lowered and her tail dangled unlike Jacob. She was practically screaming her submission to Jacob. Something everyone knew that proud Leah wouldn't do unless something was wrong. Unless she had something to live for.

"Leave her alone, Jacob!"

They started fighting again and Jacob rammed Leah into a tree and she cried out. Bella's hand flew up to slap Edward in the face, but he just sputtered and moved his head away from her.

"Leah! Just stop!"

Bella didn't realize her choice of words until she saw the female wolf drop her ears and fall on her back, submitting completely to Jacob. It was too late for Bella to take back her words. Jacob took the opportunity and caught Leah's neck flesh between his teeth and shook her like a doll.

"Edward!" Bella hopelessly cried out.

Jasper choked out, causing the Cullens to turn to him. He had been trying to calm Bella's emotions, but it backfired. He sobbed, unable to come up with tears. The pale brunette looked up when Paul broke out and headbutted Jacob into the woods. The pack followed, but Seth stepped lightly when he went past his sister. He couldn't get a good look because Sam called him to hurry. Edward let Bella go and she sprinted to Leah. Rosalie beat her to the wolf.

"Is she alive?" Bella panted.

The vampire was kneeling near Leah's head. She had shifted back to human form.

"I - I think so. I hear her heartbeat, but it's faint."

Leah was beaten and it killed Bella to see her like that. It was possible her minor wounds had healed, but the blood was still noticeable on her copper skin.

"Leah?" Bella whispered.

"Carlisle!" Rosalie called for her father.

The older brunette had one eye slightly open, but the other one had a gash running from her eyebrow to her cheek, so that one remained shut. Her lips were bruised and bloody. Her legs were bloody and sliced. Carlisle was examining them for any broken bones.
"We have to take her into our home. A nerve was severed in her leg and it's having difficulty healing. If we don't work now, she might lose function of the limb." Carlisle turned to Bella and gave her an assuring smile before looking behind him. "Jasper, help me take her home."

Jasper immediately was near them and knelt down. He pulled off his jacket and set it on the wolf, covering her. Carlisle did the same with her lower body. He began to lift Leah and then handed the wolf to Jasper who pulled her close to him. His honey eyes glanced down at her. Bella reached for Leah's hand, which remained unblemished and warm.

"How is she feeling," Bella whispered.

Jasper looked up at the brunette and gave her a smile.

"There's pain, but she feels your touch and is comforted by it. She enjoys your company a lot."

Bella smiled, glad she could do something right.

"Now, Jasper." Carlisle ordered.

The two blonds left in a flash and Carlisle walked over to his family. Bella followed him, wanting to be at the Cullen's place already. Edward took her hand and pulled her toward him. She resisted.

"I'm the fastest in my family. Do you want to see Leah or not?"

The pale brunette looked up at him and for the first time, she saw genuine concern in his eyes. He was feeling guilty. He wanted to make Bella like him again. She knew it would take a while for her to forgive him, but took the piggy-back ride, regardless. She wanted to make sure she was with Leah at all times. If something happened and she wasn't there...

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I was literally biting my nails the entire time I read the last half of the chapter. And then I started crying. Angry/sad tears. And my heart broke when Jacob finished. I thought he was going to kill her. He needs to die. So does Edward. And Sam.

But I loved Rose distracting everyone so they could sneak off together. I forever love Rosalie and Jasper.

Yeah my icon? It is a huge understatement. But I don't have any sobbing icons to use. {I like my icons to match my reaction to the story ;] }

You did warn me tho... About this chapter... And let me tell you, even though I didn't reply, I was practically worried sick wondering who was going to be hurt. I was really kinda hoping it could be Bella so Leah could go all protective wolf with her. Or kill whoever hurt her.

As painful as it was, great chapter!! I love you and your writing enough to accept the heartbreaking words.


omg you wrote in caps.

Aww. I'm so sorry to make you nervous. It was hard for me to write. That's why it was relatively short.

hahaha. I understand. I think there will be some good and happy scenes coming up. I was actually going have Leah all into the fight and make it turn out so she ended on top, but I think Bella's always more sympathetic to the loser so lol.

thank you so much though! :DD

Oh I hope so! I need some serious fluff to heal my heart after this chapter!

This story is my favorite. It has everything I love and hate. And with each chapter it gets better and better. But when am I- I mean when are we gonna find out about what's up with Victoria and Leah's special powers? I'm anxious for that whole thing.

Can Sam get eaten by a lion? Please? He makes me so sad! And angry!

So man emotions. Please put me out of my misery and update!!! Puh-leeeeeease!!!


haha. I think Leah needs some fluff to heal herself too.

Wait...special powers?...refresh my mind so I know what you're referring to. haha.

haha. poor sam tho. Ahhhhh it was hot today so I wrote on paper rather than my laptop. But I am not done yet. Hopefully update will be soon!

Victoria once said she was more special then the other wolves. Like she had special powers or something awesome like that. It's why Victoria chose Leah for that secret little plan...

Why poor Sam? Him be bad. Him be mean. Rose should smack him upside the head so hard that he has a massive headache for as long as he lives. Haha.

Fluff!! So it's agreed! You shall give me-us fluff to heal us both!

Hurrrryyyyyy. Hurrryyy up! I know you've been posting quite fast lately... But uh, a leopard can't change it's spots or something like that... I still have little to none patience.. Haha. I shall try to occupy myself with catching up on ICBYS. In hopes you can finish the chapter in peace and post it that much quicker! Or something. ;]


Oh right lol. my bad. i got horrible memory lol. OMG I TOTALLY REMEMBER WHAT I WANTED TO DO WITH THAT!

hahaha. Well, maybe he can just get a good talking to.

and I'll try to put in as much fluff as I can. Like...hugging.

CREYS. I gave myself a break on writing today cause I was working on a graphic for this.


Anyways... Haha.

Could Rose I've it to him? Or maybe Jasper? Because Jasper could do all sorts of lovely things to his emotions... ;D but Rose could be all HBIC on his wannabe alpha idiotness.

FLUFFF! I have a love/hate relationship with this anticipation of you updating. I love it because when you do update I get mega excited and am super happy to finally read it! Yet I hate it because... It's agony. BUT FLUUUFFFF! The promise of fluff really helps my state of mind!

Graaaaaphiiiiic!!! I love graphics!! I cannot WAIT to see it!!

Who gave me a monster energy drink? Wasn't I banned from them? Haha. Oh wait. That was someone else.. Just... Shhh. You know nothing.


lol you'll find out later....

Hm. I haven't decided yet, but it might be one of them. Hell, he could have more than one person.

haha. Why is it agony?

I'm going to try to hurry uppp. And...I will note that you shouldn't have energy drinks.

Because everytime I see no update for this story, I cry a little. I almost said die a little but thought that was too dramatic. Even for me. Haha.

You. Are. Killing. Me. I don't wanna wait to find out about Leah's super powers! Aren't you glad I reminded you? You should update sooner as my reward! Bahahaha.


haha I will, It's just I was enrolling for classes and I'm just weirded out cause I had a hold on my record, but I sent what I needed to be sent recently...but I don't know what's happening and I'm waitlisted on these classes that I need to take and I need them to in order to have enough credits *cries* life is so frustrating right now.

I love this story!!! Jacob needs a good slap

thank you. and yes. He does. Preferably by a vampire.

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