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I'm not alone, no I'm just on my own.

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Star-Crossed Ch. 10

Title: Star-Crossed

Author: Me 
Pairing: Leah/Bella 
Rating: PG-13 (this chapter) 
Warnings: None
Summary: After the death of her father, Leah couldn't figure out how anything could get worse, but it does. It seems that just when she's starting to understanding who she is, an event turns her whole life upside down.  Nothing, she believes, is ever going to go her way. Her free will is seemingly taken, but when someone unexpected offers her a choice, she is uncertain of which option to pick. Her life or her freedom?

Bella smiled at the congratulations she was receiving by various peers as the graduation ceremony finally ended. Jessica and Angela came up to give her a hug and she saw some tears in both their eyes. Bella felt as if she should be crying, but she was happy. She was that much closer to being turned. That was something to be happy about, right?

"See you later tonight," Jessica said with a wink before pulling Angela away with her.

Bella nodded and gave them a small wave before heading over to the Cullens. Neither of them looked excited to be at graduation. She realized it must get annoying going through yet another high school graduation. Everyone enjoyed this once in a lifetime ceremony, but the Cullens didn't. It didn't stop Carlisle and Esme from looking proud of their children, though. They seemed pleased at least. Bella wondered where Charlie was. He didn't like socializing so he couldn't be talking to anyone. Edward noticed Bella walking to them and smiled. She was about to smile back, but heard her name being called. She turned around to see Charlie with a grin on his face. She smiled at her father and as he got closer. He gave her a hug and a kiss on the forehead.

"I got you something, but," Charlie paused and looked around. "I'm not sure where I left your surprise."

"What do you mean?"

Just then Leah managed to break out of a crowd of people. Bella chuckled at the female wolf's appearance. She was wearing a white button up, that was a size too big, with a loose tie.

"Leah!" Bella exclaimed.

The female wolf smiled with her head lowered, looking a bit shy. Neither girl could shake off the sense of joy they felt when they saw each other. Both girls eyes were locked on each other that neither one noticed Edward walking over until he wrapped his arm around Bella's waist.

"Hello, Charlie." Edward greeted, but got no reply.

"I figured it was good to invite Leah to your graduation." Charlie explained then turned to the tall brunette. "Where did you go?"

"I got hungry," Leah shrugged and smiled.

"I can see that," Bella responded inching away from Edward.

The wolf had a trail of powder on the corner of her lips. Bella reached up to brush it off her face, not caring that Edward was right beside her.

"I see you enjoyed the powdered donuts our culinary class made." Bella mumbled.

Leah chuckled sheepishly and pulled out Bella's gift from behind her back.

"This is for you."

The female wolf handed Bella a plush dog with a graduation cap and a diploma in its mouth. The brunette chuckled as she accepted it.

"I love it," she muttered and glanced up at Leah, who was blushing.

"Your old man picked it out." Charlie emphasized with a grin.

"It's true he did."

"Thanks, Dad." Bella whispered and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

As she moved back from her father, she caught Leah's eyes, which seemed to be expectant. The wolf hoped that she would get some thank you as well. Bella gave her a genuine smile and the corner of Leah's mouth curled up in response.

Before anyone could say anything, Edward brought Bella closer to him.

"My parents want a photo of us."

Bella nodded and walked away with him. Leah's eyebrows furrowed; she was angry at Edward for being so rude.

"So, where are the donuts," Charlie muttered looking around.

Leah, without looking at him, responded, "on the opposite end of the stage near the entrance."

As soon as he left, the brunette made her way over to the Cullen family. Jasper turned to her, sensing her anger. A cool hand grabbed her arm and the female wolf jerked her arm away and turned to the source.

"Cool it, hot stuff." Rosalie said with a smirk.

Leah glanced at the Cullens, then back at Rosalie.

"Why aren't you in the group shot?"

"My beauty can't be captured in the pictures," Rosalie responded.

"Oh, please," Leah snorted and rolled her eyes at the blonde's conceit.

The vampire chuckled and eyed the wolf.

"At least someone cares about their appearance."

"Are you implying I don't?" 

Rosalie remained silent, staring at her family. Leah scoffed and lightly pushed her and the vampire responded with a more forceful shove.

"I'm sorry, I forgot the "I don't give a fuck" look takes a long time to complete."

"It does," Leah responded, brushing off non-existant dust.

"Well," Rosalie turned to face the wolf, "there's a thin line between I don't give a fuck and I look like shit," she then attempted to fix Leah's tie, but noticed the others looking at her.

She let it go and turned away from Leah, who had dropped her eyes from the others that were looking at her. The Cullens seemed to be confused by Rosalie's behavior and the blonde headed towards her family. Leah awkwardly leaned next to a table of refreshments and grabbed one. Bella smiled and made her way to the wolf.

"Awkward moment with Rosalie?" Bella murmured.

"It wasn't so awkward until you guys ruined it," Leah sighed and looked at her imprint.

"Charlie wants to go celebrate my graduation with food."

"Let's go then."

"I have to help set up for the party."

"Oh," Leah looked down at the fruit punch, disappointed.

"You're coming right?" Bella asked poking the tall brunette in her chest.

"Yeah, of course."

"Leah," Bella whispered, grabbing the wolf's shirt.

"What?" She mumbled looking back up at her imprint with saddened eyes.

Bella shook her head as she smiled.

"If I'm going to go out to eat with you, you have to at least look nice." The pale brunette muttered.

Her hands reached up to button the top of Leah's shirt and fix the black tie. Smiling, Leah set the cup down and placed a warm hand over Bella's.

"Don't choke me, now," she whispered

The shorter brunette chuckled and glanced up, her hands still covered by Leah's. 

"Hey, Bella!" Edward called and the pale brunette immediately retracted her hands and turned to the vampire.

"I thought you were going to help out with the party," Alice pouted.

Bella glanced at Leah.

"You promised, Bella." the tiny vampire continued.

"Right, sorry." the pale brunette mumbled. "I'll see you later, Leah."

Leah nodded with pursed lips, as the plush toy was handed back and her eyes then met Edward's. She tried not to feel jealous, but she was. As much as she loved Bella, she could never be with Bella. And that realization killed her. Nothing she did could ever change that. Bella would always love Edward and if not him, Jacob. The bronze-haired vampire furrowed his eyebrows at the sight of the defeated wolf. He actually felt pity for her. It wasn't enough to make him like her, however. Jasper felt Leah's pain, but he wasn't sure what the reason was behind it. He was interested to know more about the female wolf. He considered asking Rosalie about it.

Leah managed to keep out of Sam's way when she was home, but when she got back from the graduation ceremony, he was sitting in her living room, talking to Sue. She took a step back to try to hide from them, but he immediately turned around. His face, along with her mother's was serious.

"Can you sit down over here, Leah?"

"No, I'm good." The female wolf then attempted to walk to her room.

"Leah! Sit."

Damn, the alpha voice. Leah walked over to the couch across from Sam and Sue and sat down, turning her eyes away from them. What did they want?

"It was sweet for Charlie to give you the extra ticket to the ceremony." Sue stated with a smile.

Leah nodded, but still didn't look up at her mother.

"Charlie said you and Bella are getting close. That's - that's nice, Leah."


"You never used to really like Bella before, Lee. Can I asked what changed?" Sam asked.

Oh shit, they know. They know. They know.

"Well, we just have a lot in common," the brunette mumbled.

"Like what?"

"Why are you guys so concerned about my friendship with Bella?" She picked her head up, but couldn't meet either of their eyes.

"You're not home as much as you used to be. I know I shouldn't be worried because I call and Charlie always says you're with Bella or at their house, but I am worried. Is there something wrong that you don't want to be home anymore?"

It wasn't the fact that Leah imprinted on Bella that made her stay with her imprint, that had a lot to do with it, but it wasn't the only reason. When she was with her mother she was constantly reminded of her father. When she saw the pack transform, she thought of her dad. When she would shift into a wolf she thought of her dad. She loved him, but the thought of him still hurt her. When she was with Bella, Leah forgot about all the sadness she had felt in life. Bella made her happy. She couldn't say that, though. She couldn't say anything about how Bella made her feel. She looked back down, unsure of the words wanting to come out of her mouth.

"I want to leave the pack."

Sam shifted in his seat, surprised.

"Leave? Why?"

"I don't care if I can't ever shift under those circumstances, but I want to leave this pack."

"You can't."

"Who would care anyway? No one wants me here."

"Your father would want you to stay." Sue whispered.

"I need to leave. I can't stay in this pack. It's not healthy."

"A wolf can't be alone, Lea. I know you want to just leave and be by yourself, but that's not going to happen. The wolf in you can't take that."

"Don't you think I know that, Sam? Wh-what makes you think I'd be alone? Just because I don't want to be with you, doesn't mean I won't find anyone."

The room was silent for a while, and Leah didn't want to look at Sam or her mother. She felt that with that one look, they'd know. They would know that she imprinted on Bella and she couldn't afford that to happen. Bella had kept it to herself for the most part and Leah wouldn't be able to handle it if she were the one to tell everyone.

"You imprinted."

The words echoed in her ear. They held no contempt, yet. If Sam, or if her mother were to hear who she did imprint on, Leah didn't know how they'd take it. Instead she chose to remain silent. Sam rose to his feet with a smile.

"Who did you imprint on, Lee-Lee? Is it a human? Is that why you've been with Bella? Is it one of her friends?"

"Is it Charlie?"

"God, no!" Leah spoke up, shaking her head.

"Then, who is it, Leah? Is it -" Sam stopped midsentence and the wolf knew that he figured it out.

She hesitantly looked up to meet Sam's glare.

"How could you?"

The anger in his voice was apparent and Leah looked back down, sighing. Of course he wouldn't understand. No one does. Sue was confused at to what Sam was talking about. She stood up as well when she saw him angry. The last thing she wanted to see was the two of them fight.

"It's not something I chose to happen, Sam. You very well know what it's like." Leah snapped, matching his anger.

"Jacob has had his eye out for Bella and you - you just -"

"I never wanted to imprint on her! It just happened!" Leah roared, finally bolting up from her seat.

Sue looked at the two wolves, realizing that her daughter had imprinted on Bella. She didn't know how to react. Her daughter found love, but it was not only with a girl, but a girl who had two boys fighting for her love. She wondered if Bella had any idea.

"You can't act on it." Sam responded.

"You have no right to tell me what to do with my feelings."

However, Leah was feeling it, the tingling in her limbs. Her eyes started to tear up.

"I didn't want to do this, but Jake's a mess as it is."

What about me, Leah almost cried. Don't I deserve to be pieced back together? After how you broke me? Don't I deserve happiness?

Instead she croaked, "Sammy."

"Leah, I forbid you to see Bella," Sam watched as Leah cried out in an attempt to disobey his Alpha order. "I don't want you near her."

Sue watched her daughter, who appeared to be in so much pain.

"You can't do that, Sam. No one would ever force you and Emily apart."

"This is different, Sue," he muttered as he turned to leave. "Bella can't possibly be her imprint."

He made it to the door and turned around to point an accusatory finger at Leah.

"And don't think for a second that I won't tell Jacob."

When he finally left, Leah fell to the floor and Sue helped cradle her daughter in her arms as she sobbed in her chest. She smoothed her hair and shushed her softly, but that didn't stop the tears from falling.

"I'm sorry," Leah sobbed.

"There's nothing to apologize for," Sue whispered, holding her daughter tighter.

"I love her."

"I know."

Bella was a little frustrated by the fact that Edward kept pulling her away from the door, but she was waiting for Leah to arrive and she didn't want the wolf lumbering about in the party. She laughed at the sight of Leah awkwardly trying to stay away from the party goers. Bella never took in the time to realize, but she was starting to get antsy whenever she hadn't seen Leah for a while. It rarely happened, however since the wolf always stopped by the house. It had been almost ten hours since the last time she saw Leah and Bella wondered what was keeping the tall brunette. 

She sighed as she plopped down a chair and waited. And waited. She was startled when she heard someone call her name. She looked up to see Jacob walking over to her, along with Embry and Quil. She didn't mind the other guys, but she had uninvited Jacob. She hadn't spoken to him in two weeks. He didn't seem to notice Bella's confused look and actually reached out his hand to help her stand up.

"Jake, what are you doing here?"

"I know the last time we talked it wasn't a good conversation, but I came to apologize. I'm sorry that I tried to kiss you."

Bella shook her head and looked behind the boys.

"Where's Leah?"

"I don't know? Home?" Jacob chuckled along with the other two.

"Leah told me she was coming."

"Don't worry, Bells. Leah doesn't do parties. Don't feel bad. Also, I heard her and Sam got in a fight or something."

"Over what?"

The tall boy shrugged.

"Who cares? It was probably about Leah being a bitch again. Same ol' same ol'."

"She's not a bitch!" Bella responded.

Jacob took a step back, not wanting to anger Bella again.

"Okay, okay. Sorry. Here, I made something for you."

But Bella didn't see what Jacob held in his hand, instead she caught sight of Leah, still in the clothes she wore earlier, walk inside and glance immediately towards Bella. It was amazing how she instantly knew where Bella was. The pale brunette had never seen Leah look so defeated and tired. She wanted to know what was wrong.

"Bella," Jacob called and she turned to him.

He grabbed her wrist and wrapped his bracelet around it. She smiled at the gift and the sight of the wooden wolf.

"Thank you, Jake."

"I'm glad you like it. I spent -"

"I'll be right back."

Leah had turned to leave, but Bella followed her, not understanding what had happened. She managed to meet the wolf right at the doorway.

"Leah, stop!"

The tall brunette stopped before she exited the house, but when Bella neared, she backed away.

"What's wrong?"

"Sam knows."

Bella looked Leah's face and knew she wasn't lying. She also could make out bloodshot and puffy eyes. Why had she been crying? Jacob didn't appear to have had found out.

"Is he mad?"

"He ordered me to stay away from you. It kills me to even think about staying away, but it also hurys to disobey his order."

Bella glanced around to see if anyone was looking and took a step forward to lean against Leah. The female wolf immediately whined at the comfort her imprint brought her, but another force was trying to stop her from enjoying it.

"Don't listen to him. I don't want you to be in pain anymore, Leah."

When her arms wrapped around the wolf's torso, Leah had to push her away.

"I shouldn't even be here. His order still rings in my ears. I - I can't."

Bella still held onto the shirt, not letting Leah go any further. She didn't want to see her friend like that. She couldn't bear the fact that this was causing her pain and nothing she could do could resolve it.

"Maybe I can go talk to him."

"No! I - I should just go."

"Leah!" Bella called as the wolf exited the house.

She was about to chase after her, but Edward appeared and told her that Alice had a vision. Reluctantly, the pale brunette followed the vampire.

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I love it! Edward is getting a bit annoying along with Jacob though

those guys are always annoying haha. but thank you! :)

Forever crying.

You have no idea how much I hate Sam right now. I could punch him in the face! Except, ya know, it would break my hand. But urgh! I'm furious with him. Damn alpha idiot.

I was ecstatic at the Leah/Rose moments and I was like lalalalala happy happy then BAM! Instant depression because of Sam Fuckin Uley.

Did I mention I was mad? And crying? Because I am.

Please fix this asap! I think I'll move my tent to outside the bathroom. I'll be forever stalking your page until Bella goes and kicks Sam's ass. Or Edward's. I'm not picky.


dude i legit teared up when writing that sam/leah scene. but an imprint's bond is strong tho. I think.

hahaha. well I'm glad you liked the leah/rose scene. and I plan to fix it...I was writing it in my head last night lmao.

but it's not going to get pretty when everything comes out....

As long as Leah/Bella/Rosalie/Emmett/Victoria are fine, I don't care how ugly it gets. I'm fact, if you wish to have Jacob choke on that chicken bone we talked about a long time ago, I am still willing for that! Haha. Or maybe Sam could be the one to choke on a bone. Or maybe Rose can snap his neck. Or Emmett can punch him into outer space. Or- my ideas are just getting weirder and weirder so I'll stop. ;]

Grrr. Sam. Grr.

It's really creepy by the bathrooms tonight. This new family showed up and I'm pretty sure they're either the creatures from the hills have eyes or wrong turn. I honestly thought he was going to eat me when we passed by the dad or whatever he is. But one: I needed a shower and two: I had to check lj.

I re-read this chapter whilst waiting for the showers and I cried again. How could Sam be so cruel? Poor Leah.

You bring so many emotions out in me with your writing. I want to be furious because of Edward/Sam, but I'm sad for Leah. I want to be sad, but I'm happy you updated with such an amazing chapter. I want to be happy, but I'm impatient for another chapter. I'm going to explode.

long comment is long.


uh oh. you might care how ugly it gets then...

That's really weird. Are you saying the family looks like...deformed?

lol. don't explode, I need your comments to live!. hahaha.

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