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I'm not alone, no I'm just on my own.

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Star-Crossed Ch. 9
Title: Star-Crossed
Author: Me 
Pairing: Leah/Bella 
Rating: PG-13 (this chapter) 
Warnings: None
Summary: After the death of her father, Leah couldn't figure out how anything could get worse, but it does. It seems that just when she's starting to understanding who she is, an event turns her whole life upside down.  Nothing, she believes, is ever going to go her way. Her free will is seemingly taken, but when someone unexpected offers her a choice, she is uncertain of which option to pick. Her life or her freedom?

Bella was glad Carlisle agreed to check out her hand, but he told her the same thing Leah did. It was a sprain. He began to wrap it as Emmett entered the room with his huge childish grin. Bella smiled at him and Edward appeared at her side, watching Bella's hand get wrapped. Rosalie had watched Carlisle examine Bella. He told the blond what to look out for and gave her some tips, but after a while she sat back down and started to flip through a magazine she had read countless of times. It bored her. She didn't really care about what the celebrities did. It was merely something she did to pass the time.

"I punched a shifter in the face."

Rosalie's eyes immediately turned up. Leah? Had she punched Leah?

"Go, Bella. What did the mutt do, try to make a move on you?"

The small brunette chuckled.

"Yeah, you could say that."

Rosalie jumped up from the couch and went to the other room. If she punched Leah... She chose to conceal her thoughts again. Edward was being a creep. She walked over to the balcony and stared outside. She didn't mind the tranquil night. She liked it better when everything was silent. The click of the door knob broke her silence and a scowl grew on her face as she smelled Bella enter the room.

"If you wanna brag about your boxing skills, I suggest you go to someone else."

The brunette grew closer and Rosalie rolled her eyes. Stupid girl doesn't know how to take a hint. The vampire wanted Bella to go away. 

"Rosalie," she began.

She figured she should listen to what the brunette had to say. After all, Bella is Leah's imprint. If I want to remain friends with her I have to love who she talks about, right?

"Why do you hate me so much? I'm sorry if I ever offended you."

God, fuck our friendship. Leah has to find a new imprint.

"I don't hate you," the blond spoke, exasperated. "I'm not saying I find your company enjoyable," she glanced at Bella, "but I tolerate you."

Bella stared into the vampire's honey eyes and watched her turn back towards the dark night. Rosalie gripped the balcony rail and dropped her head.

"I know, Rose. I know."

Rosalie fully turned around to face the brunette with furrowed eyebrows. She walked closer to Bella.

"What exactly do you know?"

"Leah," Bella whispered.

The vampire's eyes widened and she nodded.

"She finally grew the balls, huh?" A grin spread on Rosalie's face, something Bella was not accustomed to seeing.

"She told me she'd kick your ass if you gave me a hard time about it."

The blond's grin disappeared and Bella regretted speaking.

"I'd like to see her try."

A small smile still managed to touch her lips. The blond backed up to the rail and jumped up to sit on it. She turned her head up to the moon. Bella slowly went up to her, afraid of getting Rosalie angry.

"Why aren't you angry that she -"

"Don't say it aloud, idiot." Rosalie snapped looking back down. "And I don't know. Leah's different than the rest of her pack."

"Yeah she is," Bella whispered looking at the ground.

"You have so many choices, you know?"

"Edward's my only choice."

Rosalie rolled her eyes.

"Not he's not. You - you don't want to live in our world, Bella. You don't want to become one of us. None of us ever had. We never wanted to be like this. I can't believe you'd choose your life to be like this."

"If it's with Edward, then why not?"

"Bella, you're only eighteen. You're barely starting your life and now you want to end it?"

The small brunette shook her head and looked back up.

"I'm going to start it with Edward."

"He's already started. That's why he's marrying you. Apparently, he's lived long enough to want to settle down. No eighteen year old in the right mind would marry someone at that age. You have so many options, Bella. Options that I would take if I was in your position."

"Jacob isn't a -"

"I didn't say Jacob."

"Rosalie, I don't feel that way -"

The blond slid down from the rail.

"This is something I never wanted to share with you, but I will, in hopes that you gain some sense from this. When I was human I became involved with the most eligible bachelor in town, Royce King. He was sweet to me when we first met, sending me flowers, telling me how pretty I was. His charm distracted me from the man he really was. Our relationship was based purely on the fact that I thought he was handsome and he thought I was beautiful. When I was walking back from my friend's home, I came across him and his friends, drunk. They took advantage of me and Carlisle found me half-dead and turned me. He never loved me, and I never really loved him. I got my revenge eventually, killing his friends, then leaving him for last. After I met Emmet, things got better, and he's such a wonderful guy that sometimes I'm glad I was turned because I met him. But, I still wouldn't choose this life for anyone. Not even you, Bella. And trust me, that's the closest you'll get to me looking out for you."

Bella shook her head.

"I'm sorry that happened to you, Rosalie, but I love Edward and he loves me. Just like you met your special someone when you were a vampire, Edward met me. I'm his second chance, just like Emmett was with you."

The blond vampire scoffed, annoyed by the brunette's stubbornness.

"Don't you think you deserve to experience life? Don't you deserve it to your human life since you're so eager to leave it?"

"I'd rather experience them with Edward."

And Leah would rather experience them with you. Just then the door opened and Edward walked in. Rosalie immediately clouded her thoughts and headed out of the room. She saw Bella's ignorance as a reflection of her own when she was human. She fell in love with the most handsome man she ever met. She was so blinded by "love" she didn't see the imperfections in what she believed to be the perfect man. She knew Edward didn't mean to, but he blinded Bella. All she saw was a glamorous life when, in reality, it wasn't. Rosalie hoped the brunette would reconsider her decision.

Leah was brought to the abandoned warehouse and dock again. Victoria wanted to show her the newborns one more time. She wanted to show her what they were capable of. The wolf was hesitant to be near them another time. She knew the few she met last time weren't so welcoming, but if Victoria was going to be near her, she didn't think anything of it. However as they neared it, Victoria didn't want to go any further. Leah turned around and eyed the vampire suspiciously. She turned as she heard the sound of footsteps. She smelled the vampire, Riley. He appeared out of a shadow with a deadly smile.

"Leah Clearwater," he spoke, "now I remember you. You'll have to forgive me, turning into a vampire gives you slight amnesia. You live on the reservation."

The female wolf rolled her eyes.

"What gave me away? My ethnicity?"

He chuckled and Leah never wanted to hear that sound again. He motioned her to follow him, but she turned to Victoria. She gave the female wolf a smile and a small nod. Trusting the vampire, Leah followed Riley. She started to find the sickly sweet smell of vampires and blood as they neared their destination. When they turned a corner, Leah saw a car turned upside down in flames. The newborns smelled her and hissed at her scent. She noticed their numbers had doubled, and a feeling of fear started to trickle it's way in, but she quickly masked it with anger. She growled back at them and one actually stood up and sped to her direction. Riley cut him off, snarling.

"Leave her alone. She's with us."

A feeling of guilt spiked through Leah's body. Part of her considered them the enemy. They wanted to kill the Cullens. She watched his red eyes, which were so much more different than Victoria's. The red head didn't control them. Riley did. She looked over the mess they made. He can't control these vampires. The vampires that weren't feeding eyed her with suspicion. She turned to Riley who was yelling at a group of vampires. Her eyes gravitated toward a young girl, probably fifteen or sixteen, sitting against a wall, hugging her knees. How could he do this? Leah glanced at Riley who was still speaking to them and walked over to her. Vampires near the girl moved away and she looked up at Leah, scared. The female wolf offered a small smile and the fear in the girl's red eyes faded away. She squatted and was at the level of the young vampire.

"What's your name?" Leah asked.


The vampire dropped her knees and smiled at the tan brunette.

"I'm Leah."

"Hi, Leah."

"What -"

"Clearwater, come on. We have things to discuss."

The female wolf jerked her head at the vampire. He had whistled to her as if she were some dog. She stood up slowly and the young vampire hugged her knees again. Leah walked over to Riley. Their eyes battled each other and the tan brunette's hand aimed for his neck. The heat caused him to hiss in pain. Her grip tightened, but it was not strong enough to break his neck. She wanted to display her authority. His red eyes still looked into her hazel ones with defiance.

"Leah," Victoria's words reached her ears even though she was not in view.

She let the vampire go and followed him away from the newborns. They all looked at the brunette curiously. Even the vampires on top of the warehouse. 

"What is she doing here?" Felix asked, his red eyes following the female wolf.

"What is she?" Alec asked, turning to look at his sister.

"A wolf," Demetri answered, sniffing the air.

"What should we do?" Alec asked Jane.

"We should tell Aro that Victoria is bringing werewolves into this mess. Newborns can be controlled after, but not wolves." Felix responded.

"No," Jane whispered. "Let them be. Victoria knows what she's doing. She's only brought one. She has something else planned."

"But the newborns are bringing attention to themselves!" Felix yelled at Jane.

His body began to burn in pain and he groaned.

"Do not raise your voice at me," Jane ordered.

The large vampire collapsed to the floor as she let him go. She turned back to the newborns. Leah was no longer in sight, but her scent was still in the air. Jane wondered what Victoria had planned, but decided to trust the redhead's decision. She didn't care how Victoria got rid of the Cullens. She just cared that they'd be gone after all this.

The next few weeks before graduation, Charlie noticed how Leah started to visit the house more often. At first she'd already be with Bella by the time he got home and would leave before midnight, but pretty soon she started to sleep over at their house more often. He called Sue to ask about it, but she had no explanation other than Leah and Bella were becoming really close friends. Charlie didn't mind Leah. He enjoyed her company. It seemed Bella did too. The older brunette would usually remain sleeping on the couch while Bella went to her room to sleep, but one night, she brought Leah upstairs.

Charlie was heading up to bed as he saw the two girls watching a movie in silence. Bella was under Leah's arm, hugging the older girl out of fright and Leah could do nothing but grin. Bella found she liked being snuggled close to Lea like this. They had gotten closer over the past couple of weeks, but it seemed natural. Everything they did, both girls were comfortable with. However, Bella always sensed Leah's hesitancy when touching her. The female wolf never seemed sure of whether or not she could touch her imprint. So, anytime she could the pale brunette touched Leah, if only to reassure her that it was okay for them to have close contact.

"Do you want to go up to my room?"

Leah's heart skipped a beat at the soft voice. Was she being serious? The murder on the television screen no longer mattered. The older brunette was suddenly very aware of Bella's arms around Leah's torso and her head on the female wolf''s shoulder.

"I'm sorry. I - I -"

"Yes." Leah squeaked.

Bella unwrapped her arms around Leah, and looked up at her with a smile.The female wolf stood up and turned off the television. The two girls headed up the stairs and Leah was deafened by her pounding heartbeat. The pale brunette had been so open to almost everything, but not sleeping in the same bed. And Leah couldn't even find herself to muster up the courage to kiss her. They entered the room and Leah just stared at the bed while Bella yawned and went under the covers. How do we go about this? Leah thought. Bella looked toward Leah, confused.


"Yeah?" She said and turned her attention to the pale brunette.

"Uh, are you - you're gonna sleep on the floor?"

"Do you want me to?"

"N-no! You can lay down here. It's a pretty big bed."

"Right. Right." 

Leah slowly made her way into the bed over the covers and Bella instantly wrapped an arm over the older brunette's stomach, She was met with such warmth that she didn't feel the need to use her comforter. Leah gave a small smile, but couldn't contain her excitement. The room was full of Bella's scent and with her imprint so close to her, Leah couldn't believe the feeling of bliss that coursed through her body. She slithered her arm out from between the both of them and set it over Bella. Her hand gently cupped her back and when she finally got her breathing to settle, Leah shut her eyes.

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write moarrr

please write more

haha. i thought people stopped reading this! Of course I will now.

Re: write moarrr

well they haven't just been busy or lazy to reply hoping for another post lol

well maybe if they weren't so lazy I would have known! I'm going to start writing now. So don't worry. It'll be here soon.

I apologize for being lazy. I most certainly have not stopped reading this story! I simply stopped commenting because I didn't want to be annoying. But if this encourages you to write, then I'll leave as many comments as it takes! Unless it's like over 100... I suspect my fingers would tire of typing. Or my brain would run out of encouragin words. I'd probably end up trying out many variations of smiley faces. Or something pointless and ramble much like I'm doing right now.

Great job as usual though. I must say I was thrilled when Bella asked Leah up to her bed, but disappointed when it was only to sleep. Stupid Edward. Who does he think he is? Dazzling er into only seeing him. Grrr. Gabbie wants to go all Buffy on him.

And Jane! I was not expecting her to... Know about Leah. I'm so excited to see where the whole Victoria/Leah thing is going. You have me on the edge of impatience and insanity. Haha.


I thought you left or something. Whichmaybethereasonistoppedwritingalltogether. I gotta go write for real now! Eeeeee

!!! Stopped writing altogether? Good thing I made myself log in and comment then! I think I would die if you never wrote this absolutely positively amazing story!

Get writing missy! I shall have 11 cookies waiting for you when you're done. And by done I mean you've posted. I mean, how else would I know you're done? I am not in your life... Haha. Or am I? Wouldn't that be crazy? I think so. :]

Can I requests some Rose/Leah moments? I reallyreallyreally adore their friendship. Notthatithinkideserveanyprivilegeslikebeingabletorequestthingsgivenmylackofsupportlately...


hahaha oh god. I will I will. Rose/Leah moments...They'll come up. maybe in the next chapter, but if not DEFINATELY in one after that.

Yay! Fitting icon is fitting.

Have I ever mentioned that your my favorite writer? .... Cause you are :]


OMGGGGG. aldgkssdjg thank you so much! You make me blush.

Awh. I wasn't trying to make you flustered. I just wanted you to know. So don't disappoint me! Haha totally kidding. I think that would be Impossible. Unless you said you were giving up writing forever. Then I'd be mega sad and mega disappointed.

Seriously tho, you're a really food writer and you have crazy good ideas :D Leah/Bella? Ne'er in a million years would I put them together. But I'm mega glad you did! :D


hahaha, I won;t disappoint you! Everrr.

lol. typos. Food. I forgot how and why I started shipping Leah and Bella. Hm. and thanks! I'm glad you started to read it.

Okay. So I started writing. And there's like a Rosalie/Leah moment in the beginning. Just saying.

Ohmygoodness yay! I love spoilers! I hope you know you've just increased my level of impatience ten-fold! I'm going to like.. Hold a protest until you post the next chapter! I don't know what I'll be protesting exactly, but I'm doing it anyway!

Haha yeah, I never edit myself. It's why I have a beta! Too bad she can't proof read my comments.. Haha.

I'm glad I started reading it too! Kind of. There is an obvious reason I never read wip's. I'm sure you've noticed it by now! Haha. But I just couldn't resist. so, you're welcome? :]]


lol I should post it soon, don't worry. haha.

it's cool. haha.

haha. thank you for reading anything of mine. It means a lot :)

This is what you do to me:

I'm camping. The only place I get reception is by the bathrooms. So I keep running the 2 and a 1/2 mile path to the bathrooms to check if you posted it. I've now checked this three times in the last 5 hours. Everyone is saying I have the smallest bladder in history. Because I can't really tell them why I keep going.

At least I'm getting a lot of exercise. Haha. But don't feel too pressured. Because I'm checking in with my editor too :]


Oh my god, I love you. and I feel terrible lol. oh my god oh my god. I have 1000 words so far, and I want to make it a reasonable length (i find that too short) so I'm sorry for making you wait so much Dx

Ohmygoodness! 1000 words? And you want more?? I love you so much! Long posts are my favorite. I usually write about 1,100 or less words before my attention span is lost forever. Haha.

I think a long post will more then make up for this torturously long wait!


hahaha. awww. Yes, I think 2000 or more is reasonable so around there perhaps haha. I know that's not too long, but still haha. I want to get it out soon too.

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