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I'm not alone, no I'm just on my own.

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Star-Crossed Ch. 6
Title: Star-Crossed
Author: Me 
Pairing: Leah/Bella 
Rating: PG-13 (this chapter) 
Warnings: None
Summary: After the death of her father, Leah couldn't figure out how anything could get worse, but it does. It seems that just when she's starting to understanding who she is, an event turns her whole life upside down.  Nothing, she believes, is ever going to go her way. Her free will is seemingly taken, but when someone unexpected offers her a choice, she is uncertain of which option to pick. Her life or her freedom?

Bella followed Edward into his home, thinking about the time she spent with Leah. After the female wolf left, Bella didn't see her at all through the night. When she called earlier to speak to Leah, she wasn't home and she hadn't been home. The pale brunette could hear the worry in Sue's voice and wondered if the wolf was okay. Edward's hand squeezed hers and she looked up at him. He had a scowl on his face. The voice of a news reporter reached her ears and she saw Jasper, Emmett and Carlisle watching the television. As the couple entered Carlisle shut the television off. His face had the look of confusion and concern on it.

"We have to do something. It's only going to keep getting worse," He spoke and looked to Jasper.

"A large number could only do this kind of damage. They're making themselves noticed and have no order." Jasper responded and turned to Edward.

Bella glanced at the bronze-haired vampire.

"They're newborns."

Her eyebrows furrowed.

"You mean newly turned vampires?" She asked the group.

"They're only a couple of months old. It's when we're at our most strongest. And reckless." Edward clarified.

"Someone has to be creating these newborns. Someone must be in command." Jasper said.

"You mean someone is in charge of something like a newborn army?" Emmett asked.

"These killings aren't by chance. They're being created to fight something."

"The Volturi?" Bella asked

"No." Carlisle spoke. "No vampire would ever be foolish enough to go against them."

"Us." Edward whispered. "They're here to fight our coven."

Emmett stood up.

"We gotta go to Seattle now and kick their ass before they kick our's."

"No, the Volturi will handle this, Emmett." Carlisle responded.

"What if they're behind this? The Volturi wanted Alice and me to join them. We refused. What if they letting it happen as revenge?" Edward spoke stepping forward.

"Aro isn't so vengeful," Carlisle replied, but didn't believe his own words.

Leah walked towards Bella's home on foot. She wasn't ready to go home yet. She could hear her mother yelling at her the moment she stepped in. She knew they'll want to know where she went. Leah knew she wouldn't be able to tell the truth. Leah knew she'd have to lie to everyone.

Victoria told the female wolf what she planned to do. Kill the Cullens. Leah was still having trouble with that idea. Rose was her friend. She knew if the pack found out, they'd help the Cullens because Bella would ask them to. She didn't want to put her brother in danger. She saw what the vampires could do. But Victoria promised. She wouldn't hurt Bella. But the vampire never said anything about the pack. They couldn't get involved.

Leah felt dirty keeping this secret with her. It all felt wrong. She couldn't let the Cullens die. She felt no hatred towards them. Even Edward, though she did find him annoying. She knew his death would hurt Bella and Leah couldn't do that. She couldn't steal Bella's happiness. If she told everyone what Victoria told her, Leah knew she wouldn't be trusted anymore. She was fraternizing with the enemy. Rose wouldn't forgive her. Sam wouldn't forgive her. Seth wouldn't. And Bella. Leah wouldn't be able to stand the hurt of Bella being angry with her.

Maybe I should tell her. However, Leah wasn't thinking about Victoria's plan. She wondered if she should tell Bella how she felt. She figured not only would telling her be more awkward as time goes on, but the rejection will sting stronger with time. Even though it was only one short time they spent together, Leah felt attached.
The brunette knocked on the front door of the house. As soon as she saw Charlie's face, she didn't think Bella was home.

"Is, uh, Bella home," she asked anyway.
"No, but she should be home soon. Do you want to come in and wait?"
"I - I don't know. I -"
"Please come in, Leah. I needed the distraction."
The brunette listened and entered the house.
"I haven't really spoken to you since you ran out of my home that night," Charlie said, walking in front of the wolf.
Leah blushed. "Sorry about that. I wasn't feeling so well."
"Yeah, Billy told me."
"At first I thought Bella had upset you?" Charlie's statement turned into a question as he glanced back at the wolf.
"No, Izzy's a good girl," she whispered, looking down, not realizing what she had spoken.
"Oh, I -"

"No, no. It's fine. I just didn't know you had gotten that close with Bella," Charlie chuckled. "And I know Bella is a good kid, but sometimes I worry."
The two made it into the dining area. They sat across from each other. He showed Leah a missing person's flier. She immediately tensed up.
"When she left for Italy, I was terrified. Whenever she goes to Edward's home or just out with the Cullen boy, I feel on the edge. I know she'd hate it if I ever spied on her, but I'm so worried at times. How do I know he's a good kid? He's left her once already. There's just something about him I don't like."
"You think she'd go missing like this guy?" Leah spoke.
He turned to the flier.
"With Edward in her life, I really think it's possible. This poor boy's parents are worried sick and they think their son will come home, but it's been a year. I don't know if he is."
"He seems like a good kid."
"Who, Riley? Yeah, from the photo, but who knows what goes on inside people's heads. As cop, I am always shocked at some of the criminals. I'm sure that serial killer in Seattle looks harmless to others, but inside he's evil."
Leah thought of how Riley appeared to her. She thought of how all vampires appeared to humans. Perfect, heavenly creatures. Little do they know how they need blood to survive.
"I understand," Leah said looking up at Charlie. "Nothing is what it seems. Is it?"

He smiled at her.
"You remind me of your father, Leah. He was a good man, inside and out. Of course he had secrets, but who doesn't? You remind me a lot of him."
"Thank you," Leah blushed and whispered.
"I'm glad you and Bella are friends now. She needs some new people in her life. Jacob tried to help, but maybe I did some wrong in trying to set them up, huh? She is enamored of that Cullen boy. Hopefully, since she's graduating, they spend some time apart. Hopefully she gets some sense. Will you knock some sense into her, Leah?"
The female wolf chuckled.
"I'll do my best, Charlie."

The door then opened and shut. Leah was attacked by Bella's scent. It smelled slightly of vampire, but the wolf was willing to look it over.
"Charlie, I'm home."
The pale brunette entered the room and slightly raised her eyebrows as she saw Leah sitting with her dad.
"Hey, Leah."
The female wolf immediately smiled upon the greeting.

Charlie watched the tan brunette with curious amusement. Bella turned her attention to Charlie and walked over to him.
"You're still working on that?"
"Of course. If he were you, I wouldn't give up. Ever."
The pale brunette's eyebrows furrowed as she looked down. When she turned her eyes up and met Leah's hazel ones, both girl's thoughts were on the fact that Bella planned to become a vampire. She would eventually disappear. Could she live with herself knowing that Charlie would spend his life searching for her?
"Well, I'm sure you girls want to spend some time together, so I'll head upstairs to take a nap."
Bella then took Charlie's seat as he headed to his room. She looked at Leah.
How did it get so awkward? Leah thought. Did I imagine the connection? Bella wondered.

"What were you and Charlie talking about?"
"Uh, you."
Bella blushed and looked down.
"About what?"
"It's not important." Leah offered a reassuring smile.
A small gap of silence filled the conversation.
"Thanks, by the way." Bella mumbled.

"For what?"
The pale brunette glanced up.
"For letting me hang out with you."
"It's no problem, Bella. Honest. You're more than welcome to hang out with me."
"Thank you. So what brings you here?"
"I wanted to see you," Leah blushed and looked away. "And talk to you about something."
"About what?"
"Uh, c-can we go for a walk?"
The pale brunette nodded and stood up, following the wolf.
"We'll be back, Charlie." Bella called.
As the two girls walked around the outline of the forest, Leah prepared herself. It's now or never.
"Y-you know how Sam imprinted on Emily?"
"Yeah, Jake told me. He said it hurt you."
"Well, yeah it did. I guess."
Bella glanced at the wolf, who kept her hands in her pockets.

"Does it still hurt?"
"Not in the least. The pain is nothing, but a distant memory."
"When did that happen?"
"Uh, th-that's what I wanted to talk to you about. Um, something happened recently that turned my life upside down. At first I tried to reject this - this situation. I was angry. I felt as if I was made into a joke. I didn't like this hand I was dealt. But I wished  for it and got it."
"Got what?"
Leah glanced at Bella.
"You have to understand why I wanted it so much. When Sam left me for Emily, I was devastated. I figured something was wrong with me. I searched for that specific flaw that would have made him choose Emily over me. The search eventually led to my hardening. I became bitter and bitchy. Then my father died. My life was just horrible. When I thought it couldn't get worse, I phased. I found out the true reason why Sam left me and I was pissed. Had I known all that, it would have saved me so many tears, and so much inner searching. I wouldn't be who I am today. When I found out I had this mental link with him, of course I abused it. He didn't know the pain I felt. I wanted to stop feeling for him and feel for someone else. When I got what I wanted, I couldn't believe it. Again, I felt as if someone just wanted to fuck up my life even more. But, I'm glad now, even if I wasn't a couple days ago because I feel as if  belong and - and I feel good."

"What happened?"

Leah stopped walking and turned to Bella. They exchanged glances.

"I imprinted."

"Wh-what? On who? Is - is it Rosalie?"

"No!  No."

"Then who?"

Leah looked away and Bella tried to meet her eyes. The tan brunette looked up and their eyes locked.


"Are - are you sure?"

The female wolf looked back down and nodded. Bella remained silent.

"I'm sorry. I - I'll just go back home."

"No - don't - don't go. It's okay."

"What?" Leah questioned, looking back up.

"I said it's okay. You - you can't choose who you imprint on. I understand the stress you must be going through. I don't want to add any more."

"This won't change anything between us?"

The pale brunette shook her head and gave a small smile.

"I guess that's why we have pretty good uh -"


"Yeah," Bella chuckled.

Leah smiled.

"Thanks, Izzy."


The wolf shut her eyes and blushed.

"S-Sorry, it slipped. Sorry, Bella."

"I don't mind really."

Leah opened her eyes. The two girls smiled at each other and continued walking.

"You won't tell Edward, will you?" the female wolf asked.

"Uh, no. No. Unless you want me to?"

"No! The pack doesn't even know."

"Do you plan on telling them?"

"I don't know. It's better if I keep my mouth shut."

"Does anyone else know?"

"Yeah," Leah mumbled, looking down.

"Who?" Bella asked. This time she stopped walking.

"Well, uh, it doesn't matter, okay?"



The pale brunette chuckled.

"Tell me."

"Rosalie knows okay?" Leah looked up. "Rosalie."

"Oh my God, she does?" Bella groaned.

She felt embarrassed. Had she known all this time? She never wanted to meet Rosalie's face again.

"Yeah. Are - are you angry with me?"

"No,"  Bella set a hand on Leah's bare arm. "Just a little scared to face Rosalie again."

"Rose shouldn't give you a hard time for it."

"She already gives me a hard time for everything."

Leah's face looked concerned at Bella's worried behavior.

"Hey, if she does, she knows I'll kick her ass."

The pale brunette chuckled and smiled at the wolf.


The two girls started to head back to Bella's home. When they reached the house, Leah kept her hands in her pocket and her eyes on the ground. 

"Do you want to hang out inside?"

The wolf smiled.

"I'd like that."

It was Bella's turn to smile and she did as the female wolf walked up the steps and entered the house. Charlie was already on the couch, watching a baseball game. He turned to the noise and saw the two girls.
"Leah's joining us for dinner."
The tan brunette glanced at Bella, confused.
"Great," Charlie responded with a smile.
"Do you want to help me cook?" Bella asked, looking up at the female wolf.
"Yeah, sure," Leah responded and followed the pale brunette to the kitchen.
"Wash your hands first," Bella ordered and sent the wolf to the sink.
The younger brunette joined Leah shortly and when the tan brunette finished washing her hands, she flicked water at Bella. She gasped and smacked water in the wolf's direction.
"Hey, don't get me wet," Leah spoke chuckling as she backed away.
Bella narrowed her eyes at the wolf's sly smile and turned to grab two pots. Leah leaned on the counter and watched the brunette set up.
"You said you were going to help me," Bella whined as she carried the pot of water to the stove.
Smirking, Leah helped set the pot on the stove and turned it on to heat the water. Bella pouted and reached for the cupboard. She searched for a pack of spaghetti, but found none. As she moved boxes aside, she found two packs on the upper level of the cupboard. She turned back and went to grab a chair. Leah watched as the pale brunette stepped up on the chair and as she moved to grab the packs of spaghetti, the female wolf quickly took them.
"Oh, is this what you wanted?" She asked innocently.
"Leah! You saw me reaching for those!" Bella yelled, getting off the chair.
"Yeah, so I got them for you. A little thank you would be nice." The wolf responded with a smirk on her face.
"You saw me get the chair," the pale brunette mumbled as she put the chair back. "And not once did it cross your mind to help me beforehand?"
"I didn't know what you were doing. It registered late."
Bella pursed her lips at Leah's smirk. She settled for giving the wolf's arm a quick swat. The female wolf watched the hit and looked at her bicep for a while before turning back to Bella.
"Now, I'm sure that hurt you more than it hurt me."
A smirk slowly appeared on Leah's face again, making Bella angry.

"I don't find your smirks cute. You make me want to slap that smirk of your face."

Leah's smirk turned into a grin while she laughed. The smile was so wide, it narrowed her hazel eyes and Bella couldn't help but smile as well. The grin was cute and made the female wolf look innocent and childish. She liked this Leah. The bubbling of the water broke Bella from her thoughts. She snatched the spaghetti from the tan brunette's hands and opened their package. After she poured the spaghetti into the pot, she moved to another cupboard that was close to the floor. She squatted down to pull out a can of tomato sauce. Again, Leah watched as Bella began to grab more items from the fridge.

"You're no help," the pale brunette grumbled.

"Well what do you want me to do?"

Bella thrust the can of tomato sauce to the wolf's chest.

"Make the tomato sauce. I'll prepare the garlic bread."

"Got it, boss." Leah responded with a quick nod and went to the other side of the kitchen.

Bella took notice of how the female wolf poured some olive oil into the pot. Leah then grabbed a knife to crush a garlic bulb. She pulled out two garlic cloves and cut off their roots. She set them down and crushed each one again. As she peeled off the skin, she saw Bella staring at her.

"The bread isn't gonna cook itself," she said and waved the knife to stove.

Bella blushed and walked over to grab the loaves of bread from the freezer. Leah crushed the garlic again and started to cut the garlic. The sound attracted the pale brunette's attention. Leah crushed the garlic again then resumed with the cutting. She did it a couple times and then poured the minced garlic into the pot. The wolf then grabbed an onion. She cut the stem then cut the onion in half. She peeled it and then quickly started to slice each half. Bella smiled at her professionalism.

When the food was ready and they all sat down to eat, Charlie and Bella were amused at the wolf's eating behavior. She slurped her noodles and gulped the glass of water. She noticed Charlie's eyes and tried to control herself. She hadn't eaten all day. Charlie gave her a smile, telling her it was okay. He wondered if Bella had made enough to feed Leah's stomach.

"I heard of the boys having an appetite, but I'm glad to find you have one too. Too many girls are scared to eat their fill, but you're not."

The female wolf gave a close-lipped smile to hid the food in her mouth. Charlie couldn't help but smile as well. This Leah was completely different then the one he saw after her father died. He looked at his daughter, who sat right next to the older brunette, and presumed she was the cause. He was glad the two girls had become friends. It seemed as if both girls needed each other.

"Leah," Bella said.

Charlie watched as Leah turned to his daughter and how Bella, in a loving manner, picked up her napkin and wiped the sauce on the corner of Leah's mouth. He would have thought it was an exchange between two good friends, but he saw the surprise look on the older brunette's face and the blush creeping up on Bella's cheeks.

"Th-thanks," Leah mumbled and turned back to the food.

When the dinner was finished, the three of them sat on the couch to watch some television, but Charlie turned in early. He knew he should have told Bella to go to sleep, but he didn't want to make Leah go home. He enjoyed seeing Bella and Leah in a good mood. So, he went upstairs and crawled into bed.

Leah kept her eyes on the screen, but was very well aware of Bella being near her. She really wanted to hug her imprint, or touch her, but Leah was afraid. She knew Bella didn't feel that way for her. The pale brunette then leaned in close, pressing against the wolf. Her lips curved up to a smile, she couldn't help the feeling that overcame her with Bella being so near. It was probably the best feeling she's ever felt. She felt calm and peaceful. She found herself shutting her eyes to enjoy the moment.

Charlie was awoken by his thirst and as he exited his room, he could hear the buzz of the television downstairs. He shook his head. It had to be around midnight and Bella had school in the morning. What were the girls doing still up? He turned on the stairway light and made his way down the stairs. The couch came into view and his eyes widened at the sight.

Leah was snoring, he was surprised he did not hear it sooner, and she was sprawled on her back and resting on the couch. One arm was dangling out of the couch as well as one leg. The other arm was wrapped around Bella's waist, who had conveniently settled herself on top of the older brunette and rested on her chest face down. Charlie chuckled to himself. How did they manage to get themselves in that position?

A knock was heard at the door. He turned to the sound and frowned. Who would visit at this hour? He softly opened the door to find Edward standing outside. His bronze hair was rustled and his eyes looked black. Charlie looked at him strangely.

"Wh-where's Bella?" Edward asked.

"She's sleeping."

The vampire shook his head.

"She - she -" He couldn't say that he didn't see her in her room.

"She's sleeping on the couch, Edward."

His eyebrows furrowed and he tried to look inside, but his eyes widened as he sniffed the air. Wolf. Was Jacob in there with her?

"Can I see her?"

"No, let her sleep. You can speak to her tomorrow morning."

With that Charlie shut the door. Who did the Cullen boy think he is, wanting to see Bella at twelve in the morning? After Charlie had his glass of water, he looked over at the couch one more time. He noticed Leah's arm over Bella's waist and couldn't help but think of the possessive nature he associated with that position. He smiled. Bella was trying to pull a fast one on her old man and he wasn't going to let her. Something was going on between the two of them. He just wasn't sure what. Eventually, he shrugged to himself. What was he doing analyzing his daughter's behavior as if she was a suspect in a crime? Nothing was going on. The two were just friends and Charlie was glad they were comfortable with each other.

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YAY!! I'm glad that Charlie can see Bella and Leah's feelings. And silly Edward but is it wrong that I actually don't want him dead? because I usually do. Strange

Thank you. And maybe I just write Edward in a better way. haha :)

Just friends. Haha oh Charlie.....

Ugh. You're killing me. This is so good! Most imprint stories, the wolf tells the girl "you're my imprint" an the girl goes: "oh!" *kisses* and it's the end. Not with you though. It's: "you're my imprint." "k cool. Let's eat spaghetti then cuddle on the couch. But I still love Edward."

This is both good and bad. Good because it's different and more well written. Bad because I hate slow.

Your Edward is notbas annoying, but I still want him to die. Haha.

Great update :D


hahahaha you made me laugh with that comment! thank you though. Slow and steady wins the race :P

Is that why I always lose? Bahahah.

Oh! I'm almost done with the first chapter of my spinoff of your story! I really can't wait for you to read it! I'm going to credit you in the whole Title: Rating: thing. Because I'm not really sure if their is a certain way people are credited? Haha. Like, I plan on linking the story and your username. Does that work?


I'm excited to read it! I don't know how to credit people either, but that sounds good to me :D

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