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I'm not alone, no I'm just on my own.

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Star-Crossed Ch. 4
Title: Star-Crossed
Pairing: Leah/Bella
Rating: PG-13 (this chapter)
Warnings: None
Summary: After the death of her father, Leah couldn't figure out how anything could get worse, but it does. It seems that just when she's starting to understanding who she is, an event turns her whole life upside down. Nothing, she believes, is ever going to go her way. Her free will is seemingly taken, but when someone unexpected offers her a choice, she is uncertain of which option to pick. Her life or her freedom?

When Bella made her way home last night Edward confronted her.

"Why are you home so late? I was worried. I was about to -"

He stopped and Bella saw his nostrils twitched. He made his way inside her house and up her room. Charlie stepped into view.

"Bells? Who went up?"

"Uh, Edward."

"I thought I -"

"I didn't see him all day, Charlie."

Bella sighed and went upstairs. Edward ran his hand over the dream catcher. She thought it still bugged the vampire that she kept Jacob's gift. She waited for Edward to tell her what was wrong. He moved from her bed and turned to her opened drawer.

"Ed -"

"Someone was in here."

The brunette shook her head.

"Like a burglar?"

He turned his head to his girlfriend.

"A vampire."

"Was it Victoria?"

"No. Come on. We have to go tell my family."

"But Charlie -"

"Let's go."

The vampire walked past Bella and the brunette followed. When Edward left her house she had to once again explain why she was heading over to the Cullen's house. She was tired of so many excuses of so many lies. Her father, disappointed and hurt, nodded his head and allowed his daughter to once again leave him. She's just like her mother.

When Bella got into Edward's car, he leaned over to strap her in. She smacked his arms away.

"I'm not a child."

He simply turned back to the wheel and began to drive to his house. Bella set her head back. She was tired from hanging out with Jacob. After some apologizing Bella forgave the wolf. The words still hurt her. She knew Jacob hated vampires, but they were best friends. He didn't have to be so angry. She doesn't understand the whole rivalry between the two groups. She believed them to be more similar than they think. Since Victoria was back, they should work together. Otherwise the redhead would outwit both groups.

When they walked into the house, Alice had already seen Edward's statement so Jasper and Emmett were sent to sniff out the strange vampire. Bella sat next to the small vampire who enveloped the human in her pale arms. The brunette set her head on Alice's shoulder. Their marble bodies were anything but comfortable, but Bella had gotten used to them. Rosalie was sitting off to the side and Esme and Carlisle were standing near each other. Edward was in the middle, the center of attention.

"Who could have broken into Bella's home?" Esme asked the family.

"I've never smelled the vampire before." Edward stated.

"A nomad would never have left her father alive. It must have had a purpose to go into Bella's house."

"Maybe Victoria sent it." Bella mumbled.

"I would have seen her decide," Alice whispered softly.

"It was the Volturi. They must be keeping check on us." Edward suggested.

"No, the Volturi have more important things than this." Carlisle responded.

"I have been watching Aro's decisions." Alice spoke up.

Jasper and Emmett entered the room.

"The scent keeps going until you hit the sea." Jasper said.

Emmett walked over to Rosalie's side.

"We have to protect you from this stranger. I won't rest until we find him." Edward told Bella.

The brunette picked her head up.

"No, that's impossible. You already have to search for Victoria. I can't have you look for this vampire too."

"Your safety is everything to me."

"You guys can't possibly keep yourselves fed and still protect me."

"I don't want another protection detail." Rosalie muttered.

"Rose." Edward turned back and growled.

The blond rolled her eyes.

"I have an idea. Why don't we -" Bella hesitated as she saw all golden eyes were on her. "The wolves can help us."

The younger vampires voiced their opposition to the idea. Alice even moved away from Bella. The whole family began to argue except for Rosalie. She stayed silent, looking down on the floor.

"That's not a bad idea," she whispered, but caught the ears of all the vampires in the room.

Emmett chuckled loudly.

"Did you say it's not a bad idea?"

"Yeah." She looked up at her family.

"It's a horrible idea, Rose. No offense, Bella. The wolves have no control over themselves. They can't stand to be near us. They'll lose their temper." Alice responded.

"I doubt they'd want to help us out." Jasper said.

"Jacob will."

And Leah. Rosalie smirked. She was rather excited about working with the wolf girl. Edward jerked his head in the blond's direction.

"What does Leah Clearwater have to do with this?"

Bella looked up at Rosalie. The vampire's eyes widened. When did they even meet? Bella thought to herself.

"You became friends with her, Rosie?" Emmett asked innocently.

Rosalie scowled at Edward.

"Can you keep the fuck out of my head, freak?"

"When did you even meet her?" Edward asked. "And why would she be as eager as Jacob to help Bella out?"

Rosalie stood up and growled.

"I mean it Eddie. Stay. Out."

"Edward," Carlisle spoke. "Leah was brought over Sunday due to a strange fever. I asked Rosalie to watch over her. Do not doubt your sister's intentions."

The bronze-haired vampire looked back to Bella.

"Fine. If the wolves want to help they can. But we have to set up some kind of schedule."

The brunette pulled out her phone.

"I'll text Jacob to meet me by my house after school."

"No. Call him tomorrow."

"But -"

"Just wait, Bella."

The brunette put her phone back in her pocket. She looked at Rosalie who had her eyes turned to the ground. It figures that she would get along with Leah. The whole family seemed to have been staring at the blond vampire. She paid them no mind.

"Let's take you home now, Bells."

Bella took Edward's hand as they went back to the car.

Leah was sitting on her couch, eating popcorn. The television was on, but she wasn't paying attention to it. Instead she was listening to a conversation Jared and Paul were having outside the house. It wasn't anything that interested her, but their conversation kept her mind of her. The wolf groaned as her thoughts went back to Bella. She had been having dreams of the brunette ever since she imprinted.

As she shut her eyes to take a short nap, a loud buzzing startled her. She turned to her wooden coffee table and looked at Jacob's phone. He left it at her house after playing video games with Seth. Both were on patrol at the moment. Leah was about to ignore the call when she saw that Bella's name was on the screen. The wolf bit her lip and looked around the room before looking back at the phone. She picked it up.



"No, it's uh, it's Leah."

"Oh. Can you tell him I called?"

"I-Is there a certain message you want me to tell him?"

"Um. Can he meet me at my house in a bit? It's urgent."

"He's on patrol."

"I'll be waiting."

Growing jealous, the brunette hung up and slammed the phone hard on the table. She stood up from her seat and began to walk to her room. She wasn't going to tell Jacob. I can help Bella. Leah grabbed a shirt from her bed and slipped it on before heading out the door.

"Where are you going?" Sue called.


The wolf shut the door and was met with Jared and Paul. Both wolves noticed the scowl on her face.

"What's wrong, Lee?" Jared asked.

"Nothing." She replied curtly.

"Hey, Leah where are you going? You have patrol in a bit! Get back here!"

The brunette stopped and marched back to Paul.

"I told Sam I didn't want to do it today."

"Fuck that. You've been ditching patrol. You need to do it."

"Don't tell me what I need to do." Leah then made her way to her truck.

She pulled down the glove box and grabbed the keys. After starting the car she skidded out of parking and drove by Paul and Jared. She rolled down the window.

"Tell Jacob that Bella called."

With that she made her way to the pale brunette's house. Jake's easily replaceable. The wolf smirked to herself. When she neared Bella's house she saw Edward was there with her. Oh, shit. He's going to read my mind. She was so close to slamming it straight down the street and out of there when both eyes turned to her. She parked on the street and walked over to the couple. Leah kept her head down and tried to conceal her thoughts.

"I thought you called Jacob." Edward told Bella.

"I did."

"He's busy."

"So he sent you?" Edward teased.

"I sent myself," Leah growled and looked at the vampire.

"D-Did you tell him the message?"

The wolf turned her eyes down and shrugged.

"I told Paul to tell him you called."

"Couldn't you just have told him yourself?

"What do I look like, his secretary?" Leah snapped at Edward.

The vampire scoffed and rolled his eyes.
"We needed Jacob, or, uh, you to kind of sniff my be -" Bella stopped speaking due to how awkward it sounded.
The tall brunette kept her eyes off of her imprint.
"A vampire got into Bella's bedroom. We wanted someone of your kind to -"
"Wait, none of you recognize the scent?"
"No. We have never come across such a vampire."
The female wolf sighed.
"I'll go, uh, take a whiff."

On instinct, Leah turned her attention to Bella. The brunette couldn't help but stare at her imprint's beauty. However, she soon felt Edward's eyes on her. She glanced up to find the vampire's confused face. Leah then made her way inside the house.
"I guess Rosalie was right." Edward stated and put an arm over Bella's shoulders.
"What do you mean?"

"Well, Leah is helping us out."
"Yeah, she's being nice."
Edward kissed the top of Bella's head.
"Nice to you."
Leah, after inspecting the house, made it up to Bella's room, finding it to smell very much like the pale brunette. The vampire's trace was still existent, but Bella's scent overpowered that of the stranger's.
The female wolf peered outside and saw Edward had his arms over the brunette.  She turned to Bella's dresser and noticed a drawer was sticking out. Leah found the vampire's scent on the handle, but not on any of the clothes. He took something. The tan brunette looked outside to find Jacob with Edward and Bella.  Leah dropped down and Jacob turned to her.
"Why didn't you tell me," he growled heading over to her.
"I told Paul to tell you." Leah answered matter-of-factly.
He moved away from her and entered the house. The older brunette walked over  to the couple.

"This vampire came with a purpose. His scent was mostly in Bella's room, but I traced it to the couch and all the way to the back door. I think he exited out there. However, he definitely came in through her window. Maybe she should keep it shut for a while."
"Don't you think I already know that?"
"Why he hell did you bring me here then?"
"We asked for Jacob, not you."
Before Leah could snap back, Jacob came walking out of the house.
"That scent won't pass by again without us noticing." Jake assured.
Leah noticed the smile on Bella's face and found her spirit's lowered at the fact that the pale brunette didn't smile at her like that.
"Maybe Bella needs an upgrade on her security system," Jacob stated looking at Edward. "Dogs are excellent guards."
"Until they try to hump your leg."
The female wolf snorted a laugh instead of getting offended. Bella pushed the two males away from each other.
"Guys, stop. We have to work together."
"I'm not working with a bloodsucker, Bella." Jacob growled.
"Fine. We're done here," Edward responded, pulling the pale brunette away.
"Just stop with your fucking egos. There are more important matters right now. Like, I don't know, Bella's safety."
The two males looked at the ground, ashamed with themselves.
"Thanks, Leah." Bella spoke softly.

"Yeah, don't mention it. I deal with these kind of ego battles every day." The female wolf mumbled.

"Fine," Edward grumbled. "We have to make a schedule of when -"

"Wait, what?"
"The vampires have to keep themselves fed, Jake. We can't have them weak."
"No, I guess that would be bad." Jacob responded sarcastically, still staring at Edward.
"Then it's settled. When feeding time comes around for these leeches, we fill in for their position." Leah said.
"Just when is it feeding time over at the Cullen's?" Jacob sneered.
Edward growled softly and Bella took his hand. The gesture hadn't gone unnoticed by Leah.
Close to about midnight, Leah hesitantly made her way to where her patrol was to be. What are the odds I got stationed right outside of Bella's window? Despite Sam's orders, the female wolf went in her human form. Nearing Bella's house, she came across Paul. He growled and she rolled her eyes.
"Phase, now. You never know what these Cullens might do." He shifted quickly to command Leah.
She groaned. She couldn't smell any other wolves nearby except Paul. She hoped she hadn't gotten paired up with him. After she dropped her pants, Paul phased and took off. Leah pulled off her sports bra and darting her eyes from tree to tree, she shifted. The female wolf took her clothes in her mouth and headed toward Bella's place. As she got closer, a familiar scent caught her nose. She picked up her speed and when the vampire was in sight, she dropped her clothes, and pounced.
"What the fuck? You stupid mutt!" Rosalie snarled until she met the hazel eyes above her. "Fuck, Leah. I almost tore out your throat!"
The small grey wolf snorted and let the vampire stand up. Leah's eyes made their way up to the window to find Bella leaning out of the window towards them.
"Night, Rosalie."
The blond vampire grumbled and the wolf slowly wagged her tail, awaiting for recognition.
"Goodnight, Leah."
The female wolf was in such an excited state, she yelped in response. Bella raised an eyebrow and went back into her room.
"Geez, obvious much?" Rosalie teased.
The wolf growled in response.
"Oh, oh! Hi, Bella! I'm Leah! And I love you!" Rosalie mockingly whispered and shook her butt to mimic tail wagging.
Leah pushed the vampire with the tip of her nose and the blond chuckled as she let her hand run through the wolf's coat. The grey wolf dropped down to the ground, but kept her eyes up at Bella's window, not minding Rosalie's strokes.
"God, you look like a little puppy waiting for her owner to come home."
The wolf growled softly and Rosalie laughed.
"You should probably go up and tell her. It'll just get more painfully obvious."
Leah whined and shut her eyes. She didn't want to ever tell Bella her feelings. The less she knew the better. Rosalie remained standing, keeping watch as the grey wolf had her eyes shut. Ultimately, all was silent. Leah could hear Bella's even breathing. She knew the pale brunette was asleep. She opened her eyes and turned to Rosalie, who had found a place on Leah's side. The wolf snorted softly, not wanting to jolt the vampire awake.

"Vampire's don't sleep. What's up?"
Leah whined and looked up at Bella's window. Rosalie noticed and stood up.
The wolf turned her head and closed her eyes. I should just leave Bella alone. What if she woke up? How was I going to explain going into her room at night? Rosalie knew better then to push the wolf to do something she didn't want to do, so she just leaned on a tree and both waited until patrolling was over

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I was so stoked when I saw this in my inbox! This is my favoritest story. No joke.

I love how you're not rushing the relationship. Some people [me] go straight to the ending ofthe story. But you build up to it. Or at least, I assume you're building up to it haha.

I may or may not be addicted to this crazy crack ship. And I may or may not love the Rosalie/Leah friendship. ;D

Great chapter as usual!

aw thank you! I figured I should go at a steady pace. I'm worried of it seeming rushed :/ I love Rose/Leah friendship too. Thanks again. :D

You're welcome. I like rushed though! [I know, contradictory to my previous comment] but I have no patience. I want the rest of the story now! And I want Leah to win Bella over now! Rosalie can be the bridesmaid at heir wedding and Edward can be the flower boy. Bahaha.

Just a question, will you be making their "star-crossed" love angsty and complicated or compacted and light or something else?

Haha. Sounds like a good idea.

Um. I think they may have an angsty and complicated love. haha

Not fond of Jake being an ass, because, well, he is my favorite. But I am loving this story to bits. I'm getting a kick out of Victoria also.

oh sorry. To be honest I don't consider him an ass haha. Like I don't say I'm going to write jacob as an ass. I just write Jacob... If that makes it any better haha.

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