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I'm not alone, no I'm just on my own.

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Star-Crossed Ch.3
Title: Star-Crossed
Author: Me
Pairing: Leah/Bella
Rating: PG-13 (this chapter)
Summary: After the death of her father, Leah couldn't figure out how anything could get worse, but it does. It seems that just when she's starting to understanding who she is, an event turns her whole life upside down. Nothing, she believes, is ever going to go her way. Her free will is seemingly taken, but when someone unexpected offers her a choice, she is uncertain of which option to pick. Her life or her freedom?

Throughout the progression of the day, Leah only continued to grow worse. Her fever grew to an ultimate high. Sue noticed how her daughter seemed to have sloshed around and finally realized something was seriously wrong after the brunette started to sweat heavily. Once her mother called in Sam and Paul, Leah couldn't even find the strength to be bitter towards them.

"Lee-Lee," Sam whispered, "what happened?"

"I'm fine." Leah shivered.

Sue worriedly looked at her daughter. She was afraid about her health. It wasn't like shape-shifters to get sick.

"What do we do?" Paul asked Sam.

The Alpha was at a loss. He stroked Leah's cheek and expected a quick response, but she was slow to move her head back from the touch. Even through his high body temperature, Sam could feel the heat from the female wolf's skin. Billy came into the house and rolled to Leah who sluggishly turned her eyes to him.

"What are you guys doing here?" She asked in a monotone voice.

Billy couldn't seem to understand what was wrong with her. He had never seen a wolf look so sickly nor has he heard stories of it. He thought it must have had something to do with Leah being a female.

"Maybe we should take her to a doctor," Billy began.

"What?" Sam questioned, turning his head.

"Dr. Cullen."

"What? No! I'm not going to that leech's house!"

"Leah, please. Maybe he can fix you."

"Nothing's wrong!"

The brunette stood up and then her balance began to waver. Sam grabbed her by the arm, Paul grabbed her by the other. She put up no resistance as they led her outside the home. Sam was worried. The female wolf seemed too weak to do anything.

As they reached the Cullen Mansion, Carlisle was surprised to see his visitors at his doorstep. The Alpha and Beta presented a sickly looking shifter and he nodded as he let them in. Immediately they were presented with the rest of the vampire family and Leah scowled at the smell.

"God, it smells in here," Leah whispered.

They set her down on a guest bed and Carlisle made an error in touching her. He immediately retracted his hand and hissed in pain. Leah chuckled to herself, but then ended up coughing and clutching her side.

"Can you make Leah better?" Paul asked.

"I will try." When Carlisle saw Sam's hesitant face he added, "she's in good hands. Trust me."

The men nodded in unison and left the female wolf alone. She noticed their departure and sat up, wincing in pain. Carlisle tried to make her lie down again.

"Hey! Where are you guys going?"

"Leah, calm down. You obviously need some rest."

The brunette rolled her eyes at him.

"I'm fine."

"Listen to my father, mutt. He knows what he's talking about."

Leah turned to the blond vampire and growled.

"Shut up, leech."

"Rosalie, if you are going to stay, please keep your thoughts to yourself."

The female vampire nodded and took a seat beside Carlisle. As he tried to prick Leah's skin with a needle, it broke.

"No way you're getting that into me."

"I won't know what's wrong with you -"

"Nothing is wrong with me! I'm just....a little under the weather today."

"You look like shit."


The blond vampire turned away and Carlisle walked to his desk in search of papers. When he could not find what he needed, he went to the door of the room.

"Behave, Rose." He ordered and then left.

Leah found herself shutting her eyes at the silence that was now presented. She knew what was happening. She was dying. She heard Sam talk or rather think about it. It's the reason why he never wanted to be away from Emily. One could only stand to be so far from the imprint. If that distance between the two is too far and the time apart is too long, the wolf can die. And probably will. Leah whimpered softly at the thought. The pain she was holding in was starting to get unbearable.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Rosalie asked softly, trying to mask the sincerity.

"Peachy," Leah grumbled.

The blond crossed her arms and shifted in her seat.

"Listen, if we're going to be spending time -"

"Shouldn't you be at school?" Leah spoke wearyingly.

"Carlisle is teaching me how to do certain medical procedures. I'm observing. Same as learning in school. Besides, it's Sunday."

The brunette coughed.

"What are you learning for? Oh, I know. Does little Cullen want to grow up and be like her daddy?"

Rosalie stood up from her seat, but ended up sitting back down. Leah chuckled to herself then coughed hoarsely.

"I just felt it was time to learn something new. Something to interest me. After all I am stuck in this freeze frame of myself for eternity."

The wolf turned to look at the vampire who stared at her hands. Rosalie shook her head.

"I didn't want this to happen, you know?" She looked up at Leah.

"I never wanted to be a freak either."

The blond choked out a laugh.

"It was like one minute you have your whole life planned out -"

"Marriage -"


"And then in a blink of an eye -"

"Your whole life changes and you have to deal. You have no choice -"

"No alternatives."

"I wanted a family." Rosalie's voice trembled as she looked away. "Now all I'll ever have is Emmett and he's great but, I'll never have kids or -"

"Well at least you get to choose who to spend your life with."

The vampire looked up at the wolf.

"You won't?"

"No, we imprint. Our feelings are forced upon us and we have no say whatsoever. They could be your worst enemy and what sucks the most is you have to be with them always. If they get to far from you, you start getting si-" Leah shut up and closed her eyes.

"Wait, did - are you - did you imprint on Edward?"

The brunette didn't know what to say. Should she lie or tell the truth? She didn't know if the vampire would tell Edward.

"No, no, no. I know. It's fucking Bella!"

The wolf growled and Rosalie howled with laughter, just as Carlisle came in. He turned to the blond, then to Leah and saw the scowl on her face.

"What were you two talking about?"

"Nothing." Leah grumbled.

"Carlisle, I think I found the source of this....ailment."

The blond vampire furrowed his eyebrows in confusion.

"What do you mean, Rose?"

"Leah will be fine by tomorrow. It's a girl thing."

"Well what is it?" Carlisle was skeptical.

"Just trust me! Now leave."

"But -"

"Go!" Rosalie laughed.

Still confused, Carlisle made his way out of the room.

"Be sure she gets rest at least!"

The female vampire looked at the wolf with a grin.

"So, who is it?"

"I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about." Leah coughed as she turned her back to the blond.

"But it's one of the two, right? Right?"

"I can't."


Suddenly the vampire was less then a few centimeters away from the brunette.

"God you smell," Rosalie uttered.

Slowly, Leah made her way to the blond's ears. She hesitated.


Rosalie moved away and smiled. As she saw the wolf's worried face, she knew Leah had told the truth. She was saddened by the thought that the brunette didn't originally have feelings for Bella and the feelings were forced upon her. Rosalie hated when people didn't have choices. Her smile turned into a frown after looking at the wolf.

"I won't tell. Even though I want to just to see the look on Edward's face - I won't. Promise."

The brunette looked toward the high ceiling and sighed. The vampire seemed trustworthy despite the hostility that once existed between the two a mere few minutes ago.

"I never wanted to...imprint." Rosalie stood silent, listening. "Actually that's a big lie. I wanted to imprint. I didn't care on who. I just - I - I didn't want to feel alone anymore. I didn't want my ex's relationship to hurt me anymore. I wanted to - to feel love instead of pain - to feel wanted by somebody."

"Are you going to tell your, uh, imprint? Plane lands tonight."

"I don't know. What's the use? My imprint is taken and there's nothing I can do about it."

"Maybe you should tell her - him - uh." Rosalie didn't want to her family to hear what they were saying and figure it out.

"I've just come to the conclusion that I'm always going to be alone and in pain. Whether physical or mental. I don't deserve the good things in life."

Rosalie turned her eyes away and smiled.

"It's weird."

"I know! Imprinting -"

"No, idiot. It's weird how we're so fucking alike."

Leah turned her eyes to the vampire.

"This doesn't change the relationship between us."

"It doesn't?" Rosalie lifted an eyebrow and the brunette gave her a stern look. "You're right. It doesn't. You're still a mangy mutt."

"And you're still a dirty blood-sucker."

"Glad that's settled. Now get the rest the doctor ordered." Rosalie said heading for the door.

"Yeah. No going soft on me, okay, she-vamp?"

The blond smiled and looked down as she opened the door.

"Same goes for you, she-wolf."

Leah let out a small laugh and Rosalie exited the room.

Before nightfall, the pack went to check up on Leah who remained in a deep slumber. They took her back to the Rez so she could spend her night home. She was awakened early the next morning by some talking outside. As she stirred, a tone of voice jolted her awake. Laughter rang through her ears. Izzy's here.

It was too early in the morning for Leah to process what she was doing. She bolted out of her bed and ran out of her room and as soon as she saw Bella's eyes she quickened her pace. With all her strength she stopped herself from touching her imprint.

"Hey," the pale brunette greeted.

"Why are you here?" The words escaped with the bitter tone the female wolf was so used to.

Bella was taken aback by the rude words and Leah just wanted to curl up into a ball and die. Shaking her head she walked away, feeling so ashamed. She raked her hair as she made her way up the hill. How could she be so rude? I'm such an automatic bitch. When she turned around she saw Sam and Emily were talking. The tall brunette smirked to herself. She felt nothing watching them be happy. Her eyes turned to Bella and the wolf's smirk disappeared. The boys whooped and ran off, passing by Leah. When Bella turned around and her brown eyes met hazel, the tall brunette turned forward and ran off. At that moment she wanted nothing more but to turn into a wolf and just run, but she couldn't. Instead she hid behind the trees and followed Bella and Jake as they made their way to Jacob's shack.

"When did Leah join the pack?"

The tall brunette's felt giddy at the fact that Bella asked about the wolf.

"Around the time her dad died. Seth turned too. He's one of the youngest wolves we've had. Sam makes sure he stays home so he can work on his studies. Truth be told, we all wish it was Leah that stays home."

Leah's eyebrows furrowed with anger at his comment. Bella hit Jacob with her elbow.

"Don't be such a jerk."

The tall brunette nodded in agreement with her imprint. Jacob chuckled.

"It's true. She's just so unbearable at times. Her thoughts about Sam and Emily are just..."

The female wolf lowered her head in shame. It was weird hearing about it.

"Why? What happened?"

"Sam and Leah used to be together, before Sam turned, but then -"

"Sam just dumped Leah for Emily?"

"Yeah, but it's complicated."

Bella snorted.

"You're such a guy."

"No, really. Sam felt bad that he hurt Leah, but Emily was the one."

"H-How did he know?"

Leah crossed her arms and turned her eyes away from the two. She remembered what the pain felt like when Sam broke up with her and how for the longest she blamed herself and tried to fix what was wrong with her until...all she could find was weakness. That's why she was so bitter. She wanted to appear tough. She figured if she acted bitchy enough, she could finally rid herself of the weakness she saw inside.

"Sam imprinted on Emily."

The pale brunette stopped walking.


Jacob continued moving his bike into the shack and Bella had no choice but to follow him. Wanting to remain out of sight, Leah stayed in her position. She was fine with just listening. She leaned against a tree then slid down to the ground.

The male wolf looked at Bella, who was waiting for a response. He sighed and set his hands on the table.

"Besides phasing, imprinting is one of the biggest changes a wolf must go through. It all happens with that first look after the wolf's transformation. Once you find your imprint, she becomes your everything. Nothing else holds you onto this earth, but her. She is your sun. She can bring your warmth and happiness, and you can do nothing, but give her everything. All you want is to make your imprint happy. You would do anything, be anything for her."

Bella looked down, uncertain.

"Have you imprinted on anyone?"

Jacob shook his head. "Not yet."

"So, for now, you're still wolf Jake."

"And you're still human Bella."

"Yup," the pale brunette nodded. "until I graduate."

Leah turned her head to the shack. Jacob tilted his head.


Bella looked away.

"This shouldn't come as a surprise."

"That's only a month away! You're still a kid! I haven't even -"

He grabbed the wrench near his hand threw it against a wall. Bella flinched. Leah immediately stood up, ready to protect her imprint. She heard Jacob move and Bella's heartbeat increase.

"How - how could you do this? I thought you would know better, but he's got you so blinded you can't see what's right in front of you."

"Edward had no influence in my decision."

"Why would you ever want to be cold and dead? I rather you be six feet under than above ground, with them for eternity."

Leah started to walk over. If Jake lays one hand on her...

"Why would you ever say such a thing? You - Edward was right." Bella made her way to the doors.

"Bella please! I'm sorry."

She shook head and increased her pace, not wanting to hear another word from him. She was in such a rush, she bumped into Leah. The female wolf was so overcome with feelings, she cradled the pale brunette. Bella backed away blushing.

"I'm sorry."

Bella then walked away from the two wolves. The older brunette turned to Jacob.

"You better watch your mouth." She spoke harshly and went after her imprint.

"Hey, are you okay?"

Bella turned around, surprised to see Leah jogging after her. She stopped and let the brunette catch up.

"I'm fine. Sorry for ruining your day."

"You - you didn't. Why would you think that?"

The younger brunette shrugged.

"I just thought you hated me."

The wolf looked down.

"I don't."

"Bella!" Jacob came running over to them. Leah's shoulders fell. Moment. Ruined.

"What do you want?"

"I'm sorry. Please forgive me. I didn't - I didn't mean it."

Leah shook her head and began to walk away. Bella was about to say something to the older brunette when Jacob took her arm and lead her away. She made her way back into the woods. What was I thinking?

"Feeling better?"

The female wolf groaned at the sound of that voice.

"Why don't you just leave me alone?"

"I'm hurt. I enjoyed out last chat."

Leah could smell that the vampire was getting closer. She was coming up behind the wolf. The tall brunette turned around.

"I'm really not in the mood."

"Why? 'Cause you're not with your imprint?"

"Shut up." Leah growled.

Victoria rolled her eyes.

"You'd be much more pathetic if you were human. Like Bella."

"She is not pathetic!" Leah stepped forward in anger.

"It's the truth. The way Edward has her wrapped around his finger is sickening. She'd do anything for him."

The vampire noticed the flash of hurt in the hazel eyes.

"Don't even get me started for how she feels about that flea-bag. However, it's your life. I guess you don't want to choose who you fall in love with."

"Last time that happened, it didn't end so well."

"And you think this will? The Cullens have her blinded by their twinkling skin. That's all she sees. She doesn't understand that being a vampire is much more than having flawless looks."

"You don't understand -"

"No, I understand perfectly. You're no more hopeless than the other puppy chasing after her. You have no chance. The Cullens can promise her a long and glamorous life and you?"

"A fulfilling one."

"What teenage girl wouldn't take the advantage of being young and beautiful?"

The wolf growled in disagreement.

"Young and flawless or old and ugly?"

"I'd grow old with her."

"Don't you think that other wolf would do the same? Yet he still would have a better chance than you."

Leah stepped forward.

"Don't. Just - just shut up."

"Do not be angry with me for speaking the truth," Victoria replied with a smirk. "So what will you do when Bella leaves Forks with Edward as a vampire?"

The brunette looked down, defeated. She had no idea what she would do.

"Come on, Leah. What are you going to do? Leave your pack and follow her like a puppy dog? Like some hopeless little shit?"

The female wolf turned up at the vampire and began to growl. Victoria kept her smirk plastered on and even raised her eyebrow, taunting the wolf. Leah made an attempt to push the redhead, but in a flash she moved and knocked over the brunette. The growling grew louder and upon turning around, Leah darted to the vampire who began running. Victoria's cackles ringed in the wolf's ear, edging her on. Anger encompassed the brunette's eyes as they zeroed in on the vampire. Leah reached out to grab at the red curls, but the vampire picked up her speed, leaving a stumbling wolf grabbing at air. She managed to compose herself and continue the chase. Her muscles soon began to feel strained in an attempt to keep up. Leah felt as if Victoria was teasing her, running fast enough to evade the wolf, but slow enough to make the brunette feel as if she had a chance. The redhead turned around.

"Puppy can't keep up?"

Leah growled and took a leaping step and extended a hand out. She felt the hair tickle her palm, but in a flash, her arm was seized and the wolf was brought down to the ground, panting. Victoria stood above her.

"You were pretty close. You would have caught me...if I was little fucking deer. I don't run nearly as slow as I was doing with you."

The vampire picked up the wolf and smirked at the fact that anger was still engraved in her tan face.

"Let's try that again, shall we? And this time actually run."

"I was sprinting as fast as I can."

The redhead shook her head.


"I'm not as fast in human form as I am in a wolf. I can easily beat the pack when I phase."

"So you're the fastest?"

"In wolf form, but -"

"Then show it, Scooby." She shoved the wolf down to the dirt and took off.

Leah bolted up and exerted as much strength as she could to catch up to the vampire. As she jumped over a large root and ducked under a branch, the brunette started to feel a pull in her calves. Victoria leaped over to the Cullen territory and Leah, without hesitation, continued to run. Her legs were starting to quiver.

"Catch up, Leah."

"Wh - why are you doing this?"

"I am merely showing you what you are capable of doing." She looked back at Leah. "Or incapable of doing."

When Victoria jumped back onto Quileute land, the wolf growled and pushed herself further. Her hazel eyes kept focused on the red hair and the rest of the scenery blurred. I can do this. Leah was about three feet away from a vampire running at full speed. The brunette grinned. As Victoria tried to shake Leah off by skipping from tree to tree, the wolf kept up. In a quick fluid movement, the vampire leaped onto a tree in front of her, jumped back over Leah, and ran in the other direction. The brunette slid to a stop and turned around. As she sprang back up, the wolf felt as if her muscles were pulled, but instead of feeling pain, in a snap she felt a surge of energy propel her forward. However, she stumbled as she ran. It felt as if she were running for the first time. She turned her attention to Victoria, who was farther away. Growling, the brunette picked up her speed and headed to the vampire. She reached the redhead with ease and even managed to swiftly grab her by the clothing and yank her down. Leah instantly stopped to a stumble. As she regained her balance and turned to Victoria getting up, she noticed the evil smirk on the vampire's face and the crazed look in her eyes.

"I knew it. You -"

A loud snarling reached each girls' ears and a large black wolf emerged from the dense trees. Victoria took off and Sam continued running. Paul showed up in wolf form and looked at Leah. He quirked his head to the side before returning to the chase. Breathing heavily, the brunette made her way back home. She wondered what the vampire knew and why she even showed up. Why did I even run with her? Leah felt odd. Instead of being a bit winded by the run, she felt energized and refreshed. The brunette shook her head, assuring herself that it was a runner's high. 

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It's weird. I actually like Victoria in this fic and doesn't want her to die. Odd.

really? Wow. I've always like victoria so maybe that's why I portray her in a better light :D Thanks!

I made my whole class read it. [[don't worry, there are only 6 kids in the class. But it sounds more impressive when I say "whole class" haha.]]

We all agree the story is amazing. I love the Rosalie/Leah moments. They'd be good friends :].

Can't wait for more!!!

OMG *blushes* I feel so embarrassed x3 yet honored at the same time. Thanks a lot! Can I ask what kind of class it is? Thanks again. I like the Rosalie and Leah friendship too. You'll see more of that.

It's a creative writing class. But we're not like that good so don't, like panic or something. :]

I don't know if you remember this, but I asked you awhile ago if I could do a twilight/glee story that was based on your story Glittering Cloud. Is that still okay? I've gotten part of it written and I'd love to post it when I'm done with my other stories. I'd credit you of course. Let me know :]

Well I was, but i've got it down now haha. I'm still kind OMG about it though x)

Of course! I'd love to read it :)

Oh. I kinda forgot about you reading it. this might sound weird, but when really good writers talk about reading my stuff, I get really nervous.

I adore your icon. haha.

No, it doesn't sound weird at all. I get nervous when someone reads my stuff for the first time haha.

thank you! :D

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