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I'm not alone, no I'm just on my own.

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Star-Crossed Ch.2
Title: Star-Crossed
Author: Me
Pairing: Leah/Bella
Rating: PG-13 (this chapter)
Summary: Set during Eclipse.

Leah paced around her room, unsure of what to do. Bella consumed every thought. Sleep couldn't even bring peace. The brunette chewed on her lip and turned to her clock. The time was past three, the pale brunette should be out of school already. Tan legs tingled with the idea of running to the Swan residence. Her door opened and she jumped. Seth eyed the tall brunette curiously.

"Uh, Sam wants to see you. He's outside."

Groaning, the female wolf followed her brother and saw the pack alpha, bare chested, standing outside of the house. He offered a smile, to which the brunette didn't respond to. His grin dropped and he cleared his throat, preparing his booming voice.

"Why are you not training?"

Leah sighed deeply and looked away. She simply shrugged. Seth watched her and frowned. He didn't understand what was wrong with his sister. Ever since last night he noticed how odd she had been acting. He turned to the pack members that began forming around the discussion.

"I don't want to force you, Lee-Lee."

The brunette scoffed, still refusing to look at her ex. She glanced at the pack members. She spotted Jake among them. She couldn't hide her feelings. Not if she was a wolf.

"I'm - I'm sorry, Sam. I need a break," she turned up at him, "please?"

The alpha raised his eyebrows at Leah's manners. She rubbed her feet against the dirt ground, awaiting Sam's response.

"Fine. I'll give you a few days, Leah, but nothing more, got it?"

She nodded and made her way past him and went between Embry and Quil who looked at the brunette with confusion. She let out a sigh after passing the pack. Her life felt so crazed at the moment and she just needed some tranquility. She thought no other place could bring it other than the beach at La Push.


Bella made her way up to the Fork's police station to wait for her father to leave work. He was seated at his desk speaking to a man and a woman. They handed Charlie a photo and he looked at it.

"He looks so over worked." Bella spoke to herself.

"I'm sure he's fine," Edward responded.

The brunette looked to her boyfriend and gave a fake small smile. The two leaned against a rail and stood in silence for a while.

"Are you going to tell me what Alice's vision was about?"

The vampire gave a small chuckle as he looked down.

"It was nothing. Nothing to worry about."

"Don't - your face said something different." Even though he always happens to have a scowl.

"Trust me."

"I know faces," She turned to look back at her father. "Like right now. Something is wrong with Charlie. I wonder what it is."

"That guy's missing," the all-knowing Edward spoke. "His parents have been looking for him for a year now. They haven't gotten very close to finding him, but..."

"Wait, do you know where he is?" The brunette's eyes met Edward's.

"There's been unexplained disappearances and killings in Seattle."

"And vampires are behind this?"

Edward looked away.

"The Volturi knows better than to let something like this go on for too long."

"What if they come over here and see how I am? They'll -"

"It'll be fine."

Just then Charlie came out with the parents. He turned to Bella and gave her a smile. His eyes found Edward and his smile disappeared.

"Hey, Bells. We still going to dinner?" Or is Edward going to take you again?

"I was just leaving her here." The vampire turned to Bella. "Bye."

She smiled in response and he went to his car. Charlie was about to tell his daughter where she wanted to eat, but Edward interrupted him.

"I almost forgot. That ticket to Florida my parents bought you is going to expire. You should use it soon."

Charlie looked at his daughter.

"Ticket to Florida?"

"Yeah. Edward has one too." Bella whispered.

"We should go this weekend."

"This weekend? That's too soon. Bella, you have -"

"No it's fine. I've been wanting to see Mom."

Charlie sighed, knowing he'd never get his daughter to change her mind.


The next morning, Leah, who had been suffering from bodily pains throughout the night leaped over the stairs and entered Emily's house, which was already overrun by teen wolves. The house echoed with laughter that ceased as soon as the female wolf stepped in. She knew what the pack was thinking. Here comes bitter and bitchy Leah. She sighed as she saw the hesitant look in their faces. They'd never accept her. She was already considered as an outcast. She smirked to herself. How ironic that she'd feel alone in a wolf pack dedicated to social interaction. Her eyes found Emily's and she gave her cousin a genuine smile.

"Hey, Leah, catch!" Jared grabbed a muffin and tossed it to the female wolf.

She managed to catch it with her mouth, causing various members to cheer. She took a bite and grabbed it from her mouth. As she began to chew, the pain raced throughout her body. It caused her to tense and crush the pastry. She blinked rapidly in an attempt to get the feeling controlled. She couldn't and her face contorted with anguish.

"Are you okay, Lee?" Seth asked.

The pain intensified and she choked out. Sam stood up. She blushed from embarrassment and ran off. Seth was going to run after her, but Sam stopped him.

Leah continued running, finding the rain turn from a light sprinkle to a heavy pour. She felt the pull in her chest grow stronger. A small whimper escaped her lips. She needed to see Bella now. She had to be next to her. The wolf's heart was aching. Despite running as fast as she can in her human form, the tan brunette was rapidly losing all strength she had left. She started panting midway through the forest. At the speed she was running, the rain felt like little tiny needles prickling her skin. She let out a choked sob, the pain was unbearable. She shut her eyes and tumbled to the floor, landing face first into the mud.

"That's a silly way to get a mud facial."

Leah's eyes burned with rage as her nose inhaled a foul scent. She stood up to face the vampire, but saw nothing. She smelled the leech. She was sure of it.

"I'm over here." the redhead vampire spoke, dropping from a tree.

The wolf turned to the noise, her face full of anger. Victoria smirked at her and in a flash was but a few inches from the brunette. The wolf was slow to react in a defensive stance.

"Either you're a new puppy or..."

Leah growled, but made no verbal threat.

"Wait, I remember you." The vampire tilted her head. Her smirk turned to a grin. "You're the one with a fucked up life."

"I don't know what you're talking about."

Victoria started to circle the wolf, eyeing her up and down. Upon completing a full circle, the vampire stopped and pointed a finger at the brunette.

"You are the only female of your pack, correct?"

The wolf nodded and the redhead's eyes lit up.

"There's something about your blood. I can smell it. Quite frankly, it makes you less pleasing to be around than the other pack of mutts. I don't know what it is, but it intrigues me." A low growl erupted from Leah's chest. "Oh, I don't plan on killing you. I wonder not of what you might taste like, but of what you might become."

Leah began to take a step back but was cut off short.

"You're crazy. J-Just get away."

"Me? Crazy? Aren't you the one who wants a girl who is enamored with a vampire?"

The wolf''s eyes darkened with anger.

"Shut up." She snarled.

"Just think about what you'd become, Leah."

"How do you - forget it. Find some other wolf to prick." This time the brunette made an attempt to leave.

"Your blood is special. Just think about the possibilities! All your wolf traits can't possibly pass on. You can say goodbye to imprinting."

The wolf turned around and studied the vampire. She desperately wanted that to be true. If she were to become whatever she'd become, she would no longer have feelings for Izzy. Damn. She mentally chastised herself for using that nickname again.

"I don't have an imprint."

"No one in the right mind would chase after a pathetic human like that. Especially a strong-willed woman as yourself."

The brunette scoffed. The vampire knew everything.

"I am loyal to my pack before my imprint." Leah lied.

"Tell me, how will they respond to your imprinting? How will Jacob?"

"They will never know."

"And if that happen to find out?

"You wouldn't."

The vampire shrugged.

"Just some food for thought. If you want to get rid of those feelings, which I know you do," Leah turned her eyes to the ground, "it's only a bite away."

With that, Victoria left the wolf's sight. She shook her head. No way would I ever willingly get bit by a blood-sucker. Leah then thought about her imprint and the pain the wolf was feeling. She continued running to go see Bella. That was her chance to finally remove the pain. As she slowly reached the front door, she noticed the truck was in the driveway. She grinned at the sight. She knocked the door with all the strength she could muster. Charlie answered with a confused look. Leah must have looked like a mess.

"L-Leah, is something wrong?"

"Can I speak to Izz - Bella please?"

"Bella left last night to Florida to go visit her mother."

Charlie noticed how the tall brunette's face fell at the sound of that.

"But come on in, I'll get you some clothes -"

The brunette ran off before he finished his sentence. Her run was more of a jog. She couldn't handle the pain anymore. She held onto a tree to try to compose herself. Leah hated feeling so clingy to a girl who thought of her as nothing more than a bitch. I am a bitch, the wolf admitted. She knew she had grown bitter after Sam left her for Emily. She is my cousin! After her father died, she just couldn't handle anything. She'd blow up at anyone and anything.

Even though the brunette refused to admit it, imprinting made her feel better. Inside. Something had changed. Not fixed. Leah knew she wasn't fixed, but....she was getting there. Slowly, but surely. Bella had the chance to make her not be so alone. The wolf hated being alone. She hated being left out. She hated being put aside. Bella would never make her feel left out. Bella would never - She's with Edward, you idiot. Leah came back to reality. There was nothing she could do. I'm doomed to be forever alone, Leah thought jokingly, trying to mask the pain. Sucking up her pathetic and pitiful feelings, she made her way back to the reservation.

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I really like how Leah's trying to go against the imprint. I'm glad that you didn't make her give in easily because Leah would never do something like that.

<3. That's all I have to say :]

Swanwater... that's amazing.

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