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I'm not alone, no I'm just on my own.

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Star-Crossed Ch.1
Title: Star-Crossed
Author: Me
Pairing: Leah/Bella
Rating: PG-13 (this chapter)
Warnings: There will be Edward bashing. Maybe Jacob too.
Summary: After the death of her father, Leah couldn't figure out how anything could get worse, but it does. It seems that just when she's starting to understanding who she is, an event turns her whole life upside down. Nothing, she believes, is ever going to go her way. Her free will is seemingly taken, but when someone unexpected offers her a choice, she is uncertain of which option to pick. Her life or her freedom?

3 months after prologue

Bella sighed as she exited out of Edward's car, immediately meeting his crooked grin. She looked toward her driveway and noticed her father's car was missing. She figured Charlie had gotten bored of staying home alone. Almost all of Bella's day was spent talking to Edward about marriage. The brunette had zoned out of the conversation multiple times. Ever since the return from Italy, Edward had been acting odd. He always wanted reassurance that Bella really loved her boyfriend. She started to feel as if the urgency to get married was only so Edward could claim her. The brunette had believed that once she became a vampire Edward would lose his possessive and crazed personality, but now she had a feeling he would not change.

"You okay, Bells? You seemed to have gone off into your own little world there." Edward teased.

She hated when he spoke to her as if she was a child. He always managed to make her feel inferior or him. Bella faked a close-lipped smile as they reached the door. She was thankful that Charlie had not allowed Edward inside when her father wasn't home. She was also thankful that Edward couldn't help but listen to the rules.

"I'll see you later tonight," the vampire's silky smooth voice hissed at her ear when his cold lips brushed her warm cheek.

Bella nodded and entered her home. She walked to the kitchen to see what note Charlie had left, explaining his absence. In a wrinkled napkin, her father wrote:

Gonna be out with Billy catching fish. I'll be back for dinner. Seth, Jake and Billy will be joining us so be prepared for guests.


Bella groaned at the thought of how awkward dinner would be since Jacob was attending. Her displeasure wasn't because she hated him, but Jake had explained that the two of them could not be friends if Bella was dating Edward. She wondered if he was coming to make amends.

The brunette then realized that dinner time was close. Not wanting to waste anymore time, she headed upstairs to shower. She did not want to anger Jacob by smelling like a "paleface" as the wolf-pack called it.

Once Bella had begun her bath, she was so caught up in the relaxing warmth of it that she jumped when a knock was heard on the bathroom door.

"Yeah?" She called.

"I'm home, Bella. We started frying the fish. Hurry up and get dressed yeah?"

"Okay," She answered reluctantly.

Quickly encompassing her body with pleasing warmth, she rose from the tub and began to drain the water as she stepped out.

The brunette was fumbling with her pants when Charlie knocked on the door again. She let out a huff of air, annoyed by her unreasonable pants and her unrelenting father.

"In a minute," she replied roughly and then heard receding footsteps.

Bella finally slipped into her black jeans and began to pull over the white tank top. She grabbed her blue sweater and put it on as she came downstairs. She spotted Billy, sitting next to Charlie, chatting it up. Seth looked up at her and gave her an innocent smile before returning to his fish. Jacob stared at her with puppy dog eyes. Bella rolled her own and as she neared the dining room, her eyes darted to a seemingly tall brunette, looking down at her lap, sitting on the opposite end of the table. Her hair was cropped shorter than Alice, but retained the vampire's spiky nature. The girl was wearing very little; her tanned skin, which reminded Bella of chai tea, popped in the pale muscle shirt. The lighting also did well to accentuate the grooves of her arm muscles, with the black pack tattoo emblazoned on her arm. The torn jean shorts allowed a view of her long, slender and toned legs.

"Bella! You finally joined us." Charlie exclaimed, standing up.

"Uh, yeah."

"I'll go fix you up a plate."

The brunette nodded and took the empty seat next to the tall brunette. Bella glanced at the strange girl, not recognizing her.

"This is Leah, Harry's daughter." Billy explained.

"Oh," the brunette nodded, her hand near her mouth. She forgot Harry had a daughter. "Nice to meet you."

Leah paid no attention to the introductions and instead sighed softly as she picked up her fork to poke at the fish. Bella faced forward and Seth gave her a hopeful smile.

Charlie came back with a plate and his conversation with Billy continued. The three teenagers ate in awkward silence.

"So how are things going with Edward?" the younger boy asked wiggling his eyebrows.

The brunette nearly choked on her food at the question. She cleared her throat and blinked at Seth.

"I don't see how that's any of your business, Seth," she said with a smile.

Charlie and Billy gravitated to the living room to watch a game, calling the boys to join them. Then, the two girls were next to sit in uncomfortable silence.

"Do you like the fish?" Bella asked softly.

She saw Leah purse her lips, then stand up with her plate as she headed for the trash. Bella gobbled the fish she had left and followed.

"Hey, Leah, maybe you and Bella can have some girl time. You can talk about boys or shopping." Charlie innocently suggested.

"Leah? Shopping?" Seth snickered and ended up laughing with Jacob.

His sister sent him a hardened glace that shut both boys up.

"D-Do you wanna go up to my room?"

Leah shrugged and followed the pale brunette, not bothering to lift her eyes from the ground. Upon entering the room, Bella sat on her bed and Leah remained standing against the wall with her nose scrunched up. The room was saturated with Bella's scent.

"You can sit, if you want," she suggested and then mumbled, "or at least look at me."

The short-haired brunette's ears caught Bella's words and she smirked. Leah didn't want to be in the same room as the leech's girlfriend at all. Based on Jacob's anguished thought, Bella was horribly indecisive. Leah hated the way the girl treated the young wolf. She found similarities to her past relationship with Sam in Jacob's relationship with Bella. He was her. She pitied Jacob.

"So how old are you?" Bella asked.


"You look much older. Did - did you go to school over at the reservation?"

"Yes," the older brunette sighed.

"I'm sorry about your dad,"  Bella mentioned softly.

Leah stilled at the mention of her father. His death was still a sore topic to bring around. She was angered that the pale brunette had even brought it up. Bella chewed on her lip, uncertain if she had overstepped her boundary. Leah crossed her arms and couldn't find herself to look at the girl. She held so much dislike for the leech's girlfriend that the older brunette feared she would do something she'd later regret. She found it very difficult to control her anger. Leah inhaled as an attempt to calm herself. The oxygen did nothing as a sour smell intruded the brunette's nostrils and they flared as she jerked her head to face Bella's open window.

"I-Is something wrong?"

Just then Edward dropped in from the window, his amber eyes quickly darting to the older brunette. She swiftly changed her position to fully face the vampire. He hissed at her and Bella's eyes widened.

"Edward! Don't! She's - she's -"

"A filthy cur!" He growled.

Leah began to tremble with anger. Bella noticed similarities to the tan brunette's behavior and Paul before he turned into a wolf.

"Stop it, Edward. Just get out."

The vampire scoffed at his girlfriend and headed towards Leah. Growling, the older brunette took a step forward. Bella bolted forward to push Edward away.

"Don't get near her. She's just a puppy. She can't control herself."

The pale brunette glanced at Leah who was breathing heavily and glaring at the male vampire. She turned back to her boyfriend, her eyes pleading. He simply lowered his head and leaped out of the window. The female wolf continued to stare at the window, her chest heaving and her body quivering.

In an attempt to calm her, Bella laid a soft hand on an overly warm and toned bicep. Leah jerked her head to the touch and her eyes shifted to the smaller brunette. The older girl had darkened hazel eyes, but the longer they stared at each other, the softer and lighter the eyes turned.

Leah zeroed in on warm chestnut eyes and in the pit of her stomach stirred a strange tug. The room felt as if it was spinning and the only thing that kept the older brunette in balance was staring at Bella's eyes. The sensation in her stomach tingled all the way up to her chest, which made the pull greater, almost painful. The taller brunette slightly shivered and couldn't understand why she had never noticed Bella's beauty. Why had she not noticed the way the brown eyes glimmered with worry, or how her perfectly sculpted eyebrows were furrowed in confusion or how her damp long brown curls clung to her colored cheeks and her slender neck.

Leah found her breathing to have quelled, but she found the process difficult with the torturous pull in her chest. When her body ecalated to a burn deep below her stomach, her hazel eyes widened and she blushed.

"I - I gotta go." She stuttered.

Oh no, oh no, oh no. Leah whined as she ran down the stairs and out of the Swan residence. I did not just imprint on Jacob's crush. The wolf ran aimlessly into the forest. Leah knew not to change into a wolf or the whole pack would be able to read her mind and hear how she imprinted on Isabella Swan. The brunette didn't understand why the strange imprint had to happen to her. She did not want to be added to the list of supernatural creatures that fawned over Bella. Leah hated the whole wolf crap. She felt like a total freak. First, she found out she could turn into a wolf and now she found her imprint? Leah stopped running and leaned against a tree. As much as she wanted to get away from everything, she couldn't. Bella's scent still lingered in her nose and she couldn't have been more than a mile way, but the distance was still painful. All the wolf wanted to do was to be close to her imprint. As much as the older brunette tried, she could not cringe at the thought of spending time with the pale brunette. She slid down the ground and kept her head between her legs.

What could she do? She could keep far away from shifting, but the pack would eventually catch on to her weird actions. Sam would grow suspicious and talk to her in that tone he used to when they were together. He'd call her Lee-Lee and she'd cave. She also had training to complete.

Leah whined as she remembered Bella's boyfriend could read minds. She would have to be very careful if she ever was around him. The wolf didn't want to get caught up in their drama. She wanted nothing to do with the triangle.

"Nothing to do with stupid Izzy -" She shut her mouth.

And the nicknaming begins. She let out a sigh. All her bitterness was gone and replaced with love. She quickly shook her head in defiance. She didn't want to become a big ol' softy for Bella, but it was already happening. She didn't know who to turn to or who to even talk to. All the boys had a link to Sam if they were to turn to wolves. None could hold a secret. Even if they could, they'd tease her about her imprint. Jacob would probably kill her. Leah was utterly confused. Why Bella? Leah could have imprinted on anyone in the world, but that specific brunette had to be the one. Leah was a freak. She had to be. Not only was she the only female wolf, but she, a girl, imprinted on Bella, another girl. How is that supposed to make her stronger? Two females can not reproduce. Leah groaned. Her ancestors must have been crazy. Her life was just totally fucked.

"I'm fucked," she told herself as she got up. "Iz - Bella is my imprint and I'm fucked."

With one last sniff of Bella's fragrance, Leah bolted home. 

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Despite how much I hate any mention of an imprint, I'm going to read it because anything with Bella/Leah is made of awesomeness.

I've been waiting for this ever since you made the traielr! Gah I love it so much. *happy dance*

I never in a million years would have put those two together! Now... I see all sorts of possibilites haha.


thank you!!!! :)

Me either. I think Julia Jones made me want to ship Leah and Bella.

A very well written fic for a beautiful pairing. I can't wait for more.

Is there a continuation????

Of course there is... I'm just an airhead lol...

This is amazing so far by the way! I'm a softy for Bella and Leah... I loathe Twilight but... This I am a softy. ;) Good job on the writing skills too, this has some good writing here.

it's okay. I just replied to you without looking at this comment so I'm an airhead too haha.

awwww. Thank you! :D

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